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Main news(2013/05/11)

Kyoto   Hakone

"Downdraft to the party in the consumption tax remarks" Kan

2013-05-11 20:51:00
That at a meeting of the party organizers to summarize the time that you were responsible for the administration, it was referred to the increase in the consumption tax rate at the time of the Upper House election three years ago, that led to the downdraft trend of party Kan former Prime Minister of the Democratic Party I showed the view.


"Possible disappearance of the party," Mr. Hashimoto

2013-05-11 20:24:00
Hashimoto joint representative of Nihon'ishin'nokai greets at a meeting held at the party headquarters in Osaka, it said, "power to get the support from the public is no longer, the disappearance of the year also may be in this state" and about the current state of the party, It was emphasized the idea that there is a need to rebuild the party is poised to unity towards the House of Councillors election in the summer.


All Japan Gymnastics Uchimura qualifying contestants

2013-05-11 19:34:00
All Japan Championships to determine the individual all-Japan of gymnastics kicked off. Kohei Uchimura players wanted to qualifying towards the six consecutive first-ever. Rested under the influence of the right shoulder injury, Uchimura is a game about half years.


"Without regard to the prior amendment of Article 96 of" Mr. Ishiba

2013-05-11 19:07:00
Told reporters, Ishiba LDP Secretary General that the amendment of Article 96 of the Constitution of the National Assembly is to facilitate the initiative constitutional amendment, in consideration of the Komeito prudent position, and to amend in advance from provisions of other Kofu I showed the idea of ​​advancing the discussion without necessarily being bound to.


Thickness labor minister "no pension system need drastic review"

2013-05-11 18:17:00
Tamura, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare to speak at Yamanashi Prefecture Showa-cho, and said, "reserves of pension has issued a large investment income due to the rise in stock prices, anxiety is not" or for pension plans now, need to review fundamentally the I showed the idea of ​​no.


Too 1 trillion 260 billion yen reconstruction budget that are not used

2013-05-11 17:45:00
In municipalities and three provinces in Northeast that received major damage in the nuclear accident and the earthquake, it amounts to 1 trillion 260 billion yen more than the budget of the recovery and reconstruction-related business that has been carried over to this year without being used last year to fit, unusual it was found in an interview of NHK that it became a situation. I have pointed out the lack of manpower and administrative agencies skilled in the art to which undertake the construction in the main cause, experts and we need to strengthen the support of the country.


New fishing boats completed in Miyako, Iwate

2013-05-11 17:01:00
Iwate Prefecture Miyako fishing boats many were affected, new working ship that is used for fishing nets is completed, the 11th, it has been unveiled.


The administrative penalties for the first time in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant dispatch trader

2013-05-11 15:28:00
The plumbing of the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, as was dispatched illegally 510 people all of the workers, Nagasaki Labor Bureau, and the business improvement order based on the Worker Dispatch Law against three companies in Nagasaki Prefecture was issued. It is that dispatch skilled in the art was subject to administrative punishment in the convergence work of the nuclear accident that the first time.


Korea before spokesman denied sexual harassment

2013-05-11 13:01:00
Before spokesman was sacked you have been accompanied to the United States visit the Park Kune President of South Korea, as was the inappropriate behavior is a press conference in Seoul, all aspects of sexual harassment acts in the United States that have been carried in the press denied.


Labor and sexual harassment telephone counseling for women

2013-05-11 12:39:00
On issues such as sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace, working women face, telephone consultation and lawyers of women respond have been made. Telephone numbers in 03-3251-5364 or 03-3251-5363,, I am accepted until 20:00 on the 11th.


The outdoor athletic meet at an elementary school in Fukushima 3 years

2013-05-11 12:18:00
It is two months of February in the 11th from the nuclear accident and the Great East Japan Earthquake. In elementary school in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, from the fact that decontamination to remove radioactive substances such as soil of schoolyard has been completed, athletic meet has been done outdoors for the first time in three years.


Affected farmers shipped carnation

2013-05-11 11:39:00
It is two months of February in the 11th from the occurrence of the Great East Japan Earthquake. In Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture, which was devastated by the tsunami, it will be able to ship the carnation season of Mother's Day for the first time after the earthquake, farmers have been busy mowing work.


Skyscrapers new NY is the same height as the independent year

2013-05-11 06:44:00
Tower mount and antenna at the top of the new high-rise building construction is underway at the site of the terrorist attacks in New York is installed, 1776 feet named after the year that the United States is an independent height (approximately 541 meters) I have reached.


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