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Main news(2013/05/19)

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Exploring again cooperation with Kaieda representative Minna

2013-05-19 21:24:00
For that told reporters, Watanabe representative of Your Party showed the idea of ​​not perform election cooperation with Nihon'ishin'nokai in the Upper House election in Kyoto, Kaieda representative of the Democratic Party did on "It is of course", I showed the idea we want to explore again to build cooperative relationships with Your Party.


Shimizu shoo Saitama mayoral incumbent

2013-05-19 21:10:00
Saitama mayoral election associated with the expiration of the term of office, the vote is carried out in the 19th, by suppressing the rookie et al Komeito and the LDP is to recommend, Shimizu Hayato Mr. incumbent (51), was to ensure the winning of the second time as an independent .


Infected person or many mild bird flu symptoms

2013-05-19 20:39:00
For avian influenza virus of the H7N9 type of infection to humans is one after another in China, health authorities in China announced the results of surveys carried out jointly with WHO = World Health Organization, it has come out of the symptoms and infected person lightly "symptom I was warned that you do not loosen the alert possibility that not have a large number of infected persons as such "there.


In addition to connecting waters submarine foreign

2013-05-19 19:13:00
19, has been confirmed and is are you sailing submarine foreign without emerged, the connection in the waters just outside the territorial waters of Japan in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Okinawa Minami Daito Island. Submarines, did not invade the waters, but the Ministry of Defense is working on a detailed analysis, such as purpose and wake submarine.


Deaths in the fall of the wall piping and no quake-resistance standards

2013-05-19 18:52:00
There is no quake-resistance standards of the country in the Great East Japan Earthquake of two years ago, that the wall pipes and ceiling of the building to fall in shaking of an earthquake, two people had died at least including a boy of five years old, was found in an interview of NHK directly below. Right now more than two years, sufficient investigation even not performed How many whether there was a falling accident, such as the earthquake, experts, Talk countries that said they should hurry measures.


Recommendations to support measures to the young people and women to the growth strategy

2013-05-19 17:40:00
Because of government "youth-Advancement of Women Forum" was held in Fukuoka, to reflect the growth strategy of the economy, and that to delay the civil service exam to match the start time of job hunting college student, female managers for companies It was put together proposals that incorporate such as encouraging the publication of the number of.


Is not carried out, such as reduction of uniform thickness labor minister medical expenses

2013-05-19 17:26:00
The greeting at a meeting of Kagoshima, did on and was a failure, in the Abe administration, measures to curb social security costs that went to the Koizumi regime is provided to the public properly service required of social security Tamura Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare so, I showed the idea that does not perform uniform reduction, such as medical expenses.


Is not carried out electoral cooperation with everyone Watanabe Mr. Ishin

2013-05-19 15:45:00
Watanabe representative of Your Party in terms that told reporters, was criticized that you have Kai Restoration does not withdraw, the remarks of Hashimoto joint representative of Nihon'ishin'nokai over the issues such as the so-called comfort women in Tokyo, I showed the idea that does not perform electoral cooperation with the Association of the Meiji Restoration in the Upper House election in the summer.


Movement to forego interest rates rise bond issue

2013-05-19 14:13:00
A rise in long-term interest rates of this place, in some companies, the cost of movement funding as was increased issuance of corporate bond interest rates were to rise, forego the bond issue has come out.


Postal president change because of the accelerated privatization

2013-05-19 13:08:00
About to greet the General Assembly of the National postmaster meeting held in Niigata City, to change the current management SakaTokuro presidents of "Japan Post", Shindo Minister's order to accelerate the privatization of postal services I showed the idea.


100 million yen sales welfare fraud costs in five years

2013-05-19 12:46:00
It has been arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of fraud Korean woman who runs a restaurant in Kabukicho in Tokyo's Shinjuku, as had defrauded the 1.3 million yen over welfare expenses.


Re-arrested on suspicion of injury resulting in death of two little girl from her mother

2013-05-19 12:11:00
Incidents girl first grade is found in the body in a wooded area of ​​Yokohama city, two of the men who were living with a mother who was charged with the crime of abandonment of a corpse, after she was assaulted in the girl, police death doubt it was as is intensified, the 19th, was re-arrested on suspicion of injury resulting in death.


Study the installation meeting of the tripartite wage up to

2013-05-19 11:52:00
Of NHK in the "Sunday debate", in order to achieve as soon as possible to raise wages, Amari economic recovery minister, showed the idea of ​​labor and economic circles, it consider the establishment of a conference by the government.


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