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Main news(2013/05/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

Measures of both the prime minister and finance economy

2013-05-28 21:41:00
Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy of the government is opened, in the "large-boned policy" to guide economic and fiscal management of medium and long-term that Cabinet decision on the 14th next month, Prime Minister Abe, towards the balance of fiscal consolidation and economic regeneration was instructed to show clearly the strategy was.


I summarized the Japanese government installed version of NSC bill

2013-05-28 21:25:00
Towards the creation of the National Security Council, the so-called Japan version of NSC, government, installed bill that incorporates chaired by Prime Minister and "4 Ministers Meeting", and can be established the "National Security Agency" in the Cabinet Secretariat I have compiled a.


"Insufficient system of inspection and maintenance" ceiling panel collapse

2013-05-28 19:49:00
In Sasago tunnel of Chuo Expressway, in an accident that the ceiling board has collapsed, accident investigation committee of the country, has put together the framework for the report on such cause. And as leading to serious accidents and construction design, and inspection to it, several factors may overlap, we have pointed out severe system of maintenance and inspection of the Central Japan highway said it was insufficient.


"Prediction of high accuracy is difficult" Nankai Trough earthquake

2013-05-28 19:13:00
The final report review meeting of the government, which has been considered, such as damage estimation of the massive earthquake that is assumed in the Nankai Trough is summarized, and professional "can predict with high accuracy the earthquake occurring in the Nankai Trough is generally difficult" and study results of the house has been incorporated. Of the earthquake occurring in the Nankai Trough, the country has been that there is a possibility that can predict the "Tokai Earthquake", but is expected to be in the future, the nature of observation posture and research will be discussed.


40 people killed in Iraq ultra-bomb terror

2013-05-28 18:37:00
Amid bombings seen in the capital Baghdad, Iraq, the 27th, and was aimed at the Shiite Muslim is one after another at 11 locations, more than 40 people were killed and sectarian antagonism deepens situation pawl is not applied to deteriorating security making it the.


Assistance in the Nankai Trough earthquake regional cooperation

2013-05-28 17:31:00
Committee meetings of the government, which has been considered, such as damage estimation of the massive earthquake that is assumed in the Nankai Trough, from the fact that over a wide range is affected areas, there is a possibility that the support is not prudent, residents one week or more stockpiling and food While, it has put together a final report that the country should consider a framework to help in conjunction to each other prefectures wide area.


Facility completion of cyber attacks Study Measures

2013-05-28 16:51:00
Cyber ​​attacks using such as a computer virus, facility to consider measures to infrastructure such as water and gas is not subject to damage, was completed in Miyagi Prefecture for the first time in the country, the 28th, the opening ceremony is now open were.


Upward revision in economic decision all regions

2013-05-28 16:25:00
For economic decisions around the country from January to March this year, such as from a pickup in consumer spending and an increase in production and that of the background growth of exports for the United States, the Cabinet Office, all regions across the country 11 for the second consecutive at I was corrected upwards.


NBA Spurs to final

2013-05-28 16:07:00
The playoffs NBA, American professional basketball, the 27th, the fourth round of the Western Conference finals is made, in four straight victories Spurs win the Grizzlies, we proceed to the final to determine the winner of this season.


Deliberations resume of way review of the disposal "of nuclear waste"

2013-05-28 14:59:00
In order to review "nuclear waste" plan has stalled, the way of disposal of high-level radioactive waste, the Sub-Committee of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has resumed deliberations in the three and a half years.


Bonus season to full-scale summer 4K TV

2013-05-28 14:24:00
It is likely that more high-definition the current image quality with vivid "4K TV", a new product of each manufacturer with a lower price than conventional Desoroi, bonus season of summer around this field is earnest.


Safe and protected Shimoyama in elementary school two people own unknown

2013-05-28 13:07:00
The 27th, two elementary school students were no longer know the whereabouts to climbing during school events in the mountains of Takashima, Shiga Prefecture, but before noon on the 28th, two people to descend on its own, has been successfully protected by the police.


It crashed into the sea east of the United States military aircraft Okinawa

2013-05-28 12:30:00
Morning the 28th, pilots crashed into the sea east of the main island of Okinawa, one aircraft F15 fighter belonging to the United States Air Force Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, escaped to the outside has been rescued by helicopter of the Air Self-Defense Force.


To three times more than one year of rubella patients last year

2013-05-28 12:01:00
Patients with rubella that could is hampered baby pregnant women is infected is, we found that it was more than three times that of the last year before the middle of this month. Experts is calling for the "peak because it is now probably, I want you to vaccinate early," he said.


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