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Main news(2013/06/07)

Kyoto   Hakone

US employment statistics unemployment rate worsened increase employment

2013-06-07 21:57:00
The United States Department of Labor, announced the employment statistics of the last month that have been attracting attention as an important indicator for the right and left monetary easing measures in the future of the United States, the unemployment rate and 7.6%, up 0.1 points from the previous month I was worse the first time a month or 4. In addition, increased 175,000 people compared to the previous month, the number of workers of the agricultural sector other than that is an indication of the current state of the economy, has exceeded 160,000 before and after the market expectations.


I seek understanding Matsui chief secretary Yao mayor

2013-06-07 20:32:00
Met with Tanaka, mayor of Osaka Yao City, explains that you accept at Yao Airport the part of the flight training of new transport aircraft Osprey American troops were proposed to the government, Matsui secretary general of Nihon'ishin'nokai is, understanding and asked, but Tanaka mayor showed the idea of ​​opposition to acceptance.


Negotiations at the Panasonic factory site sale

2013-06-07 20:00:00
For factory Osaka Takatsuki to produce fluorescent light, a policy to sell about half of the site, of the major electronics manufacturers "Panasonic" was entered into negotiations with, such as universities and hospitals in the local.


French President Economic evaluation also weaker yen concern

2013-06-07 19:27:00
While Speaking at the National Assembly, for the economic policies of the Abe administration, was evaluated as "something that dispel the sense of insecurity of the future", Hollande French President of Japan during, should reflect the economic situation of the country "currency It said "he, has shown concern about the rapid appreciation of the yen depreciation.


Match, such as Japan and France summit defense equipment co-development

2013-06-07 18:47:00
And that it met with Hollande French President that visited Japan, we held in early ministerial-level meeting of the Foreign Affairs and Defense, to advance the dialogue on such as joint development of defense equipment, Abe Prime Minister, the export of nuclear-related technology agreement was such as to strengthen their cooperation in order to promote.


Basic policy decision of the intellectual property policy

2013-06-07 17:30:00
Cabinet meeting of the 7th, when towards the strengthening of industrial competitiveness, employee of the company has been invented, patents that are supposed to be attributable to individual employees, and be in the possession of the company, government employees and companies It has decided it is assumed, such as to consider doing so in the contract decide whether to belong to either of the basic policy on intellectual property policy.


Index that shows economic status quo months continuous improvement or 3

2013-06-07 16:59:00
The diffusion index of April this year, such as that from the production and sales of the car were strong in domestic and overseas, index indicating the current situation has been improved in the third consecutive month.


Nikkei Stock Average drops slightly

2013-06-07 16:28:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 7th, from the fact that the yen has gone up significantly, the order came out to sell the center stocks of export-related, but the movement to repurchase stocks that had fallen since the beginning in the afternoon spread rapidly, stock price It was a modest fall is.


4 people denial of male suspects arrested captivity of death

2013-06-07 15:30:00
March this year, four men from the company's president of acquaintance has been arrested as had been confined to the car, the man found in the body in the sea off the coast of Kobe Airport. Seeing that there is a suspicion that man et al, drove to suicide a man who got in trouble with around the repayment of debt, the police, has been examined. Man et al is that it has denied the charges.


Prospect of highway free of postponement in funding

2013-06-07 15:06:00
Will be proposed in order to secure the financial resources of aging measures of highway, and that he should extend the maturities of debt that is up to 2050, Working Group of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Free of the highway It is now expected to be postponed.


Japan-France summit joint statement announced

2013-06-07 13:15:00
After doing the summit meeting with Hollande French President that visited Japan, and a press conference jointly, Abe Prime Minister, the dialogue on such as joint development of defense equipment held in early ministerial-level meeting of the Foreign Affairs and Defense , today announced a joint statement that incorporates such as that to strengthen and cooperation be carried out, in order to promote the export of nuclear-related technology.


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