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Main news(2013/06/18)

Kyoto   Hakone

6.8% increase in housing starts in the United States in May

2013-06-18 21:50:00
Last month, which is an indication of the future of the economy of the United States = housing starts in May were announced, construction starts has increased by 6.8 percent from the previous month and 914,000 units in terms of the year. Fell below the market expectations of 95 million units around, but it indicates that the improving trend in the housing market that is leading the economic recovery of the United States is continuing.


Match, such as G8 terrorism measures and poverty eradication

2013-06-18 21:24:00
The 18th of the second day, discussion is made about the "fight against terrorism" is G8 Summit = major nations summit meeting being held in the United Kingdom, to lesson the hostage incident that occurred in Algeria in January this year, maintaining security agreement was that towards the eradication of poverty and improvement of the capacity, it will strengthen its support to such countries of North Africa.


Authority transfer security in Afghanistan

2013-06-18 21:13:00
The Afghan President Hamid Karzai, announced on behalf of the international forces, mainly the United States Armed Forces, the military and police of local is responsible for maintaining law and order in the whole land, Afghanistan has reached a major milestone toward independence.


To more than 30,000 provide a request from the NSA

2013-06-18 21:01:00
In response to criticism from the user, enterprise side that has been pointed out that the response to the fact that the NSA = National Security Agency had collected the personal information of large amounts of top secret is revealed, and you provide the information, from the authorities It is published in succession the number of requests for.


And criticized the attitude of information disclosure of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

2013-06-18 20:47:00
For that Kawasaki has been announced is not a fact to negotiate management integration that had been underway between the MES, Atsushi Saito, CEO = Chief Executive Officer of the Japan Exchange Group, head the presence of "shareholder It said it "has disappeared completely from, was severely criticized the attitude of the information disclosure of the company.


Fear of heavy rain West - Northeast

2013-06-18 18:44:00
Since the activities of the front becomes active, it is expected that heavy rain accompanied by thunder through the 19th from now on in the Northeast from the West. There is a risk of very intense rain of 50 mm or more falls in one hour in local, Japan Meteorological Agency is calling to care landslides and flooding of low land, lightning, and wind gusts.


6 nuclear power plant nuclear power plant new standard is to apply for resumption of operation

2013-06-18 17:38:00
The lessons learned from the accident of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, a new regulatory standards requiring the power company for the first time measures to a serious accident, to determine formally the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the country of the 19th. It was found that immediately after the enforcement of the new standards that are slated to be introduced to the 8th next month, primary six domestic In response to this, aim to resume operations of nuclear power plants, is preparing to apply to the country directly below.


Pitched in the major leagues Wada minor

2013-06-18 16:34:00
It deviates from the disabled list due to injury of the left elbow, the 17th, and pitched in the game of minor, Tsuyoshi Wada pitcher of Major League Orioles is, towards the major return in pitching that get a strikeout eight throwing up seven times during I got off to restart.


"Measures strengthening of young generation" suicide White Paper

2013-06-18 13:58:00
The decision of this year the "suicide measures White Paper" in the Cabinet of the 18th, the government, has become a serious situation suicide of a young generation of what was below 30,000 for the first time in 15 years the number of people who committed suicide last year , I have pointed out the need to strengthen measures.


To Korea Laos corresponding univariate defectors

2013-06-18 13:03:00
It can be seen that to escape from North Korea, are protected from the Korean embassy in Laos of Southeast Asia, it was immigration to South Korea 20 people so-called defectors who earlier this month, last month, North Korea side defectors nine It transformed the correspondence, Laos government was handed over to, was admitted leaving the country to South Korea this time.


I more than 10,000 people this year rubella patients

2013-06-18 11:18:00
Patients with rubella that could is hampered baby pregnant woman is infected, was found to increase more than 500 people newly in the week ending the 9th of this month, this year, it was more than 1 million people. 90% of patients in the adult, experts have said, "I want working on infection prevention also. Workplace cases that are infected from colleagues often."


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