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Main news(2013/07/15)

Kyoto   Hakone

Eldest son of the man killed in the suicide Ikebukuro or involvement

2013-07-15 21:32:00
It found in the incident that killed bites and chest is a 63-year-old man in the house in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, the eldest son of 36-year-old was no longer know the whereabouts is that of have died at the site of a building in Toshima, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department , we have examined only to have jumped after the eldest son killed the men.


496 people transported one person died of heatstroke nationwide

2013-07-15 21:19:00
Where are summarized NHK is interviewed and fire around the country, the 15th, 496 people were taken to the hospital at least in the nation in symptoms seen with heat stroke, one person died and one person has become a critical condition of the unconscious You.


The vigilance expected to TPP negotiations Japan

2013-07-15 20:00:00
Negotiating session of 18 th of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement begins in Malaysia, from the negotiators of the country, this time, while expectations about what Japan to participate in the negotiations for the first time, such as lead to the expansion of trade is shown, negotiations a vigilant voice delay is either not occur to have also been heard.


Extremely hot day in various locations in the Pacific Ocean-side center

2013-07-15 19:29:00
Centered on the Pacific Ocean side of the West Metropolitan East, the 15th also became extremely hot day of 35 degrees or more in many places. Also the 16th, is expected to intense heat continues, the Japan Meteorological Agency has called for attention to heatstroke.


Full restoration of the power outage, Kanagawa, Saitama

2013-07-15 17:48:00
From noon on the 15th, a power failure has occurred in the 89 000 households approximately centered on Kawasaki Miyamae-ku, but recovered in the households of all the up to around 3:30 pm, TEPCO has to determine the cause.


Male or death drowning in Chiba coast

2013-07-15 15:28:00
Morning the 15th, the detailed situation look and found in the coast of Chiba Prefecture Sanmu, men wearing wet suits being a little floating in the sea, death is confirmed soon, the police, the drowned man is swimming in the sea has been examined.


Power failure or power transmission trouble in Kanagawa and Saitama

2013-07-15 14:24:00
Around noon on the 15th, a power failure has occurred in succession in Saitama and Kanagawa Prefecture, 45 minutes now 2:00 pm, power failure has continued at approximately 7400 households around the Miyamae-ku, Kawasaki City.


North-South working-level talks Quezon Industrial Park

2013-07-15 13:15:00
The 15th, to discuss the resumption of operations in Quezon Industrial Park North and South Korea are operated jointly by North and South working-level talks for the third time starts at Quezon of North Korea, it is the focus is whether the prospect is attached to resume operations.


"Angry to ill of smartphone"

2013-07-15 12:34:00
Incidents that girl of 16-year-old was arrested as was abandoned the bodies of women in the mountains of Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture, for the police motives, in the smartphone apps that allows you to exchange messages with a specific party, girl " it was found that you have belly statement is "stood written epithets from former classmate of a friend.


The ferocious rain warning center in western Japan

2013-07-15 12:13:00
State of the atmosphere is has become very unstable mainly in western Japan, ferocious rain of 80 mm or more is raining in one hour locally in Chugoku. Japan Meteorological Agency has urged inundation of low land and landslides, it will be vigilant to such as flooding of the river.


TPP negotiations start Japan to participate

2013-07-15 11:30:00
Amid to negotiate meeting of 18th of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement begins in Malaysia, participating countries and try to agree before the end of the year, at the prospect that Japan can participate in the negotiations for the first time in the afternoon on the 23rd of late, expand the assertion of their own high bargaining power that is required.


Deceleration in China GDP 2 consecutive

2013-07-15 11:08:00
GDP = gross domestic product in the second quarter until the last month, becomes a plus of 7.5 percent compared to the same period of the previous year from April this year in China, the growth rate is lower than the period of the previous two consecutive term directly below. This is mainly due to increase in exports, which is one of the driving forces of economic growth has slowed, decelerating trend in the economy of China is now clear.


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