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Main news(2013/07/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

TPP Japan-US economic relations person talks

2013-07-23 21:38:00
The 23rd, the person in charge from the Keidanren that visited Malaysia for information collection at the negotiation meeting of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement talks with the person in charge of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, opinion in the field of rule-making, such as patent It was confirmed that There are consistent.


Rain locally at breakneck Kanto heat

2013-07-23 21:01:00
December 23, became a hot as hell around the West Metropolitan East, but in the Kanto region, rain ferocious locally has got off to become very unstable state of the atmosphere. Between 24 to 25, in the Hokuriku and Tohoku south, there is a possibility that heavy rains, the Japan Meteorological Agency has urged to pay careful attention to, such as swollen rivers and landslides.


Rain furious at atmospheric instability Kanto in the heat

2013-07-23 19:47:00
Twenty-four Secchi "Taisho", became a hot as hell around the West Metropolitan East today, but the state of the atmosphere is furious accompanied by thunder locally Become a very unstable in the Kanto region It rained. Japan Meteorological Agency has called for vigilance on such inundation of low land.


The expected appearance of three to British Princess Catherine hospital discharge

2013-07-23 19:30:00
Amid the celebratory mood is unexpected Yara shark, that it might be show up in front of the hospital three parents and children gathered to meet the discharge of Catherine's one dawn, in the UK boy from the birth of the Prince William and his wife in the UK, expectations are growing.


Thorough investigation of the whereabouts Yamaguchi five killed man

2013-07-23 18:37:00
In cases in Yamaguchi Prefecture Shunan, bodies of five people were killed from the house of four are found in succession, after the incident, police, know for some reason a man of 63-year-old in the neighborhood that is no longer know the whereabouts The thorough search of the surrounding from the fact that we are investigating it and look there, but it remains the car is placed in the home of a man, and such as to increase the number of police officers, we are looking for the whereabouts of the man.


Or Tokyo Setagaya 100 buildings super flood

2013-07-23 17:55:00
By When depends on the Tokyo Setagaya Ward, 20 at around 5:00 pm, there was a contact 100 houses or more houses that were flooded Kamiuma 4-chome, now, you are in a hurry to confirm staff toward the local.


Explosion two people died in Hokkaido office

2013-07-23 17:42:00
2 people together men and women can be seen afternoon the 23rd, there is an explosion in the establishments are making raw materials such as cosmetics in the industrial park of Kushiro, Hokkaido, and had a work were killed.


Hosono to Democratic Secretary resignation

2013-07-23 16:14:00
Told reporters, said, "to obtain a consent from Kaieda representative for the secretary general resignation" In response to the defeat of the House of Councillors election, Hosono secretary general of the Democratic Party, has revealed that it is to resign the chief secretary.


Approval to negotiate participation in TPP Japan

2013-07-23 15:43:00
That the negotiations meeting of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement has been opened in Malaysia, proceedings in the United States required to participate in Japan has been completed is confirmed, negotiations participation of Japan has been formally approved. In response to this, negotiators of Japan has decided to rush to understand the negotiation situation by, for example, attend a working group which is open to each field.


Note the intense lightning and rain flooded downtown

2013-07-23 15:28:00
Because the state of the atmosphere is unstable, such as downtown Tokyo, has become a fierce thunderstorm rain clouds developed locally in the southern Kanto. Japan Meteorological Agency has called for caution and lightning inundation of low land, and wind gusts.


Limits on the amount of water from the Tone River water system tomorrow

2013-07-23 15:06:00
From that situation with less rain continued, pondage of dam of the Tone River water system has become a record low as this time, the Kanto region is drought management Council to make, such as in Tokyo and five prefectures in the Kanto region is the 23rd , we decided to open the meeting, to implement the limits on the amount of water of 10% from the 9:00 of the 24th. To carry out the limits on the amount of water in July, it is 19 years since six years Heisei was carried out water intake limit of 30%.


"Steam" again from the Unit 3 nuclear power plant

2013-07-23 13:57:00
Been identified in the upper part of the reactor building of Unit 3, what the 23rd also like steaming is're up Following the 18th of this month at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, TEPCO, such as radiation dose of the building top Since there is no change in, we continue to monitor and look at the cause of warmed rain in the morning, fell from entering the building interior.


Judgment Korea paper and without the "abduction" news facts

2013-07-23 13:26:00
For that newspaper of South Korea told in May this year, has been deported to North Korea from Laos, and was a son of Japanese abductees in the nine so-called defectors, the Japanese government, the contents of the article it was found in an interview to the parties that it is determined that not a fact, it was censored confirmation work.


2 people Yamaguchi five murder or nonresistance

2013-07-23 12:57:00
Incidents that bodies of five people were killed from the house of four Yamaguchi Prefecture Shunan is found in succession, there is no evidence either as resisted bodies of women and men on the 22nd, was found, and where you are sleeping it was found that it is seen as was attacked suddenly. Police have been investigating seeing 63-year-old man in the neighborhood that is no longer know the whereabouts after the incident and knows some reason.


Royal baby birth Britain festive mood

2013-07-23 12:28:00
In addition to birth to a boy that Catherine's wife of Prince William of England is the first child, a variety of facilities has been written up in the capital London, citizen and toast in the local Catherine's, all over the country in the UK celebration It is wrapped in a mood.


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