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Main news(2013/08/26)

Kyoto   Hakone

Corresponding to obtain understanding of the prime minister the right to collective self-defense Komei

2013-08-26 21:52:00
Told reporters, on the exercise of the right of collective self-defense that constitutional interpretation, the government is not allowed, Abe Prime Minister, while also obtained understanding of the New Komeito based on the report of the experts meeting of the government in Kuwait visited, has shown the idea that want to determine the correspondence.


Investigation team of UN Syria is shooting

2013-08-26 21:35:00
The 26th, the convoy of the investigation team of the United Nations, which was heading to the capital Damascus suburbs for Syria, to investigate the problem of rebel side have claimed several hundred people were killed government forces using chemical weapons It is shot by someone, the study team was withdrawn once.


Various opinions from the consumption tax hike experts

2013-08-26 21:17:00
Whether you raise in April next year in accordance with the law the consumption tax rate, consult for the decision of Prime Minister Abe, is allowed to start listening to the opinions of experts to "intensive inspection meeting", is the 26th of the first day, the government, raising the tax rate opinion that such desirable in addition to the opinion of the pros and cons in, it is the raise slowly by 1% each year has been issued.


Car or measurement of innocence another at a speed violation

2013-08-26 20:30:00
For men of Tokushima Prefecture Anan was accused of operating the car for more than 50 kilometers a legal speed, Tokushima District Court Anan branch, "a possibility that police were measured speed of another car there" as, until the 26th, I was sentenced innocence.


Consider the reserve fund utilized in contaminated water measures

2013-08-26 19:33:00
And visited the site on the 26th, told reporters, Mogi Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, to prevent contaminated groundwater from flowing out to sea in the problem that trouble over the contaminated water at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is one after another we showed the idea of ​​going to consider taking advantage of the reserve fund of this year's budget measures.


Start hearing from consumption tax experts

2013-08-26 19:04:00
Whether you raise in April next year in accordance with the law the consumption tax rate, consult for the decision of Prime Minister Abe, the government, the 26th listen to the opinions of 60 people experts and representatives of labor unions and the business community to "intensive inspection meeting", is allowed to start, experts and colleagues announced its pros and cons and to hike.


Or 30,000 outflow "2 channel" personal information

2013-08-26 18:21:00
I've found that there is a possibility that the approximately 30,000 personal information, such as name and credit card number of members are using Internet bulletin board of the nation's largest, fee-based services "2 channel" was leaked to the outside .


Health guidance support in Tanita Complex

2013-08-26 17:57:00
Health equipment manufacturer, known for such as a menu of the canteen that health-conscious "Tanita" is, that as a model project in Saitama Prefecture, embark on health promotion massive support that target the 1,600 residents of estates aging became.


Decontamination start of the country finally Minamisoma

2013-08-26 17:31:00
Last year, caution zone of the nuclear accident has been released, but in Fukushima Prefecture Minamisoma Odaka Ward decontamination by the government was not begun, with a delay of one and a half years closer than planning, decontamination full-fledged finally starts from the 26th directly below. However, work is as far behind, you are going to not end by the end of March next year, which has been the goal for the time being, the outlook for the end of decontamination which is a prerequisite of residents feedback does not stand the Ministry of the Environment.


The arrested woman or extraordinary teacher in the unlicensed

2013-08-26 17:18:00
And as was working as a temporary teacher attire elementary school despite lost the teacher's license subject to disciplinary action disposal, so that there is a license, a woman of 44 years old in Sagamihara has been arrested by the police.


"Current" restrict viewing request Matsue City Board of Education is to withdraw

2013-08-26 17:02:00
A problem that Matsue City Board of Education has been asked children unreadable freely in the library of elementary and junior high schools in the city as there is a radical expression in some cartoon about "Barefoot Gen", 26 afternoon day, Matsue City Board of Education that opened the extraordinary meeting, the conclusion to withdraw the request, "There is a flaw in the procedure request and is determined only by the Secretariat, be returned to the state of the request before it appropriate" as has put together. Also, about the handling of the future, we want to respect the autonomy of each school.


Utada Mr. Fuji's death has feelings

2013-08-26 15:36:00
The daughter of Keiko Fuji's singer who died on the 22nd of this month, the 26th, and that it announced the comments on the official site on the Internet, it has worried about the way people relate to Fuji-san, Utada Hikaru's singer-songwriter is currently I have revealed for the first time of the chest.


United Nations Secretary-General understanding of history tour unusual remark

2013-08-26 15:07:00
The Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations, at a press conference in Seoul, about the conflict over the historical recognition between China and Japan and South Korea, "The political leaders of Japan, need to reflect on themselves deeply," he said It stated, we stand on the side such as South Korea without taking a position of neutrality, the remarks of unusual.


I tell the decontamination process chart review governor

2013-08-26 13:12:00
Morning the 26th, and met with Sato, governor of Fukushima Prefecture, Inoue, Vice Minister of the Environment told the idea to review the timetable of decontamination that country is going directly in the evacuation zone of Fukushima Prefecture in response to the nuclear accident.


7 municipalities decontamination work in Fukushima is significantly delayed

2013-08-26 12:21:00
It can be seen that it does not end by the end of March next year in response to the nuclear accident, out of 11 municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture directly, doing decontamination countries, work is delayed significantly in seven municipalities, it was our goal for the time being, environment ministry, has solidified a policy of not shown time to finish the decontamination at the stage now, proceed since April next year.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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