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Main news(2013/09/13)

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Rakuten Tanaka 21-game winning streak in '56 the first time in professional baseball new record

2013-09-13 21:45:00
Become a winning pitcher ORIX against 13 day and night, stretched to 21 straight wins from the opening, Tanaka Masahiro pitcher of professional baseball, optimism, professional winning streak in the same season Inao Kazuhisa pitcher Nishitetsu had made in 1957 I broke 56 years the baseball record.


Unauthorized pool ¥ 40 million extra at the National Cancer Institute fictitious order

2013-09-13 21:08:00
By, for example, repeating the order of the fictional, such as office supplies, 39 doctors from the National Cancer Research Center in Tokyo, had been stored illegally 40 million yen over such subsidies in the country five years until March last year it can be seen that, among medical doctors of six who instructed fictitious order, was to disciplinary action such as suspension from duty two months four people they work also currently center.


Advanced or how Tokyo Olympics for Disabled

2013-09-13 20:05:00
Olympic and Paralympic Games, which were to be held in Tokyo in 2020. What Tokyo or will the change towards the holding of seven years later. It is essential for the "promotion of barrier-free" to the success of the Paralympic Games fifth of the series you want to tell about the challenges and possibilities.


Begin consultation on the second day Beiro Foreign Minister

2013-09-13 19:34:00
Consultation on the second day of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and Secretary of State Kelly of the United States for putting international control under the chemical weapons of Syria began the 13th. 3-party talks were sprinkled with Brahimi, who served as a special envoy of the United Nations is performed, and the United Nations to be held in New York later this month towards the holding of an international conference that political forces of all the rebels and government side to participate in the morning It was agreed to consult with the General Assembly.


Shows the idea of ​​full support to the Olympics phase Governor

2013-09-13 19:18:00
Shimomura, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister, who was appointed to the "Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Minister" showed the idea met with INOSE governor of Tokyo, towards the success of the tournament, and that we would like to fully support the government .


video tornado caught in hit Katsuaki

2013-09-13 18:34:00
Tornadoes occurred in the Kanto two days this month, major damage came out, but the video was captured Katsuaki the state of indoor and outdoor facilities that received a direct hit of a tornado was found. It is expected and how the bicycle such as glass or go flow away along with the storm, state of the people who protect them at the discretion of the moment is recorded, it will help in the study of such evacuation.


How close to the Pacific Ocean side of the typhoon No. 18 Honshu

2013-09-13 18:19:00
The north the waters of the Ogasawara Islands, the 15th, there is a risk to approach the Pacific Ocean side of Honshu through Monday from Sunday 18th typhoon. There is a risk of heavy rain heavy rain very raining locally before the typhoon approaches centered on the Pacific Ocean side, the Japan Meteorological Agency is calling for early preparedness.


Also new iPhone reservation start virtually free

2013-09-13 17:57:00
KDDI and NTT DoCoMo announced a service that Free substantially the price of the terminal under certain conditions to match the acceptance of the reservation of the new models of the iPhone to began with, such as dealers of mobile companies from the 13th. On the other hand, Softbank will not be published and selling price before the reservation start, the customer became the event of a reservation price is still not known.


Supplements and "lose weight" Display unfair

2013-09-13 17:15:00
You can view it or "lose weight If you drink one grain", to the health food sales company in Tokyo that was selling the supplements, Consumer Agency was ordered to not a misrepresentation as there is no evidence that the effect comes out.


The re-launch the 14th ε

2013-09-13 15:24:00
domestic new rocket last month, was aborted launch is the last minute, epsilon is scheduled afternoon on the 14th, it is launched from Uchinoura Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture.


The suspension disposal Aichi before chief of drunk driving

2013-09-13 14:47:00
After you drank on a golf course, for Chita police chief in front of the Aichi Prefecture that has been dismissed as drove the car, police and disciplinary action month suspension 1, before the chief was twisted retirement.


Akibasho the first day of the new sub-junior champion, Takayasu is play against Hakuho

2013-09-13 12:54:00
Takayasu of new sub-junior champion the efforts of the second day and the first day of sumo Akibasho starting from the 15th is determined, became the three roles for the first time in Heisei born will play on the first day and yokozuna, Hakuho, which aims to 4 place consecutive victory.


"Efforts whether tell the world" contaminated water

2013-09-13 12:39:00
Amid problems of contaminated water are serious TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, I've heard the opinion of experts who were invited from abroad meeting of contaminated water tank headquarters of TEPCO is opened.


The food manufacturers in Japan to Ig Nobel Prize

2013-09-13 12:19:00
Research group of food manufacturers of Japanese ceremony is given to unique research as a parody of the Nobel Prize of "Ig Nobel Prize" is performed at Harvard University in the United States, have found an enzyme that causes the tears If you turn off the onion But I was selected in the "Prize in Chemistry". The seventh consecutive year, the Japanese won the Ig Nobel Prize, the world's attention has been focused on original research in Japan.


Japanese Yen and the camera man home to arrest the suspect new

2013-09-13 11:58:00
The only ones of the victims from the home of a man who was arrested anew on suspicion of murder in the incident two people female university students of Japanese stabbed with a knife in the tourist areas of Turkey, one person died and one person has a serious injury such as the Japanese Yen cash and camera to be is found, investigators have examined and watch what was taken away after the man struck two people.


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