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Main news(2013/09/21)

Kyoto   Hakone

Visited the Education, Culture, Sports, Science and phase special support facilities

2013-09-21 21:40:00
I visited the facility, which is the hotel's special needs schools and elementary school in Niigata Prefecture Tokamachi, Shimomura, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister, has visited the efforts children of general and children with disabilities to learn in the same building.


Add submit Syria chemical weapons information

2013-09-21 21:07:00
21, submit to the documentation for additional information about chemical weapons to be held subsequent to the previous day, the Syrian government is promoting the analysis OPCW = Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague, Netherlands over problems which chemical weapons have been used in Syria You.


Two losses eyes lost to KotoSusumuKiku chestnut 煌山

2013-09-21 20:25:00
Day 7, Ozeki-KotoSusumuKiku is lost to chestnut 煌山 of sub-junior champion, sumo Akibasho has suffered two losses first.


Inspector food of arrest or return to information

2013-09-21 19:52:00
Inspector had visited often as guests dining options that gang-related person to run substantially in the incident was arrested as leaked to gangsters parties personal information gathered Inspector of Aichi Prefectural Police Headquarters using the system of police I've found in an interview to the police that. Police are investigating whether was not a return for information that was also that the shop side does not charge a fee.


Strengthening efforts of northern Okinawa phase territory return

2013-09-21 19:33:00
The 21st, Yamamoto Okinawa northern ministers that have visited the Northern Territories visited the Japanese cemetery in Etorofu, and said, "We strongly feel that it must play a return of the Northern Territories", the return of the Northern Territories I showed the idea to strengthen efforts aimed at.


About 1 year left JR Hokkaido rail width than standard

2013-09-21 19:16:00
19, JR Hokkaido even though the width of the rail near the site had spread beyond the standard in-house in the periodic inspection of approximately one year ago in an accident with a freight train was derailed at JR Hakodate line of Hokkaido Nanae-cho, It was revealed that he had continued to stand without repair until derailment occurs. JR Hokkaido has examined the circumstances may have caused the accident is detailed as undeniable.


Technical assistance and funds to study chemical weapons disposal

2013-09-21 17:57:00
A problem that chemical weapons have been used in Syria, the government has to consider, such as making the provision of equipment and dispatch of experts to the OPCW = Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, as well as provide financial assistance towards the disposal of chemical weapons You.


Expect to Japan and South Korea to improve relations with Foreign Minister private exchanges

2013-09-21 15:22:00
The greeting in the event of a cultural exchange of Japanese and Korean organizations in the private sector is opened, Kishida Minister of Foreign Affairs showed expectations that the activation of exchange at the private level will lead to the improvement of Japan-Korea relations.


Children rice harvesting in building rooftop downtown

2013-09-21 15:05:00
Children was the experience the harvest on the roof of the commercial building in Tokyo's Roppongi lined high-rise buildings to match the autumn harvest.


Controversy over the Belgian abbey beer

2013-09-21 14:42:00
Such as the scent of the fruit is also popular in Japan, Belgian beer of features, but it should be priority to the development of the economy by around the beer of the monastery of the long-established with a history of several hundred years, it should protect the taste of beer, controversy occurs have.


Volunteers from the Kyoto national flood damage

2013-09-21 13:41:00
The 21st of the 3 day weekend the first day, many volunteers from all over the country visited the northern part of Kyoto was inundated a large-scale heavy rain caused by Typhoon 18, and helping to clean up after and residential.


United States House of Representatives interim budget conditionally approved

2013-09-21 13:20:00
Problems that budget next month or later is not established yet in the United States, the 20th, House of Representatives that the opposition majority is spending and only a half months next two conditions to modify the medical insurance system reform promoted by the Obama administration I have passed a provisional budget to admit. But the ruling party is opposed to the idea of ​​the conditional, the situation is still opaque expected to be voted down in the Senate.


Inspector investigation information of arrested or leakage

2013-09-21 12:56:00
In the incident was arrested as leaked to the gang-related person the personal information that the inspector of the Aichi Prefectural Police Headquarters was studied in the system of police, I was examined former subordinates of gang-related person has not been wanted In addition to the system it was found in an interview to the investigation officials be in the evidence. Police have examined seeing that there is a suspicion that the inspector had also leaked information about the investigation.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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