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Main news(2013/10/12)

Kyoto   Hakone

J Cup finals to play against Kashiwa Metropolitan Urawa

2013-10-12 21:11:00
Urawa Reds and Kashiwa Reysol is now proceed to the finals of the 2nd next month the second leg of the semi-finals, two games is performed football J-League Cup.


Unknown Philippines three eight people died in the typhoon

2013-10-12 20:44:00
In addition to the influence of the typhoon passed through the morning the 12th from 11 day and night, damage sediment such as collapsed or trees or fallen one after another, eight people were killed, at least so far, the whereabouts of three people no longer know in the Philippines .


Hit the life of the United States financial problems low-income people

2013-10-12 19:25:00
Closure of some government agencies due to conflict between the ruling and opposition parties of the United States Congress, has hit the lives of low-income earners in particular.


School sound Con Makuhari overall height is the second year in a row Gold

2013-10-12 19:13:00
"NHK Nationwide School Music Competition" begins in Tokyo from the 12th, in the part of high school, Prefectural Makuhari comprehensive high school in Chiba Prefecture was selected as the gold medal for the second year in a row.


Or were recruited Disturb resentment also mobile borrowed

2013-10-12 18:42:00
In the incident that high school girls have been murdered in Tokyo Mitaka, because after last year, Wakarebanashi came out, was to be denied an incoming call from my phone, a man of original dating partner was arrested mobile friend it was found that it was to take us to borrow the phone but had been denied incoming again. Metropolitan Police Department, has been investigating to look after the man is cut off the contact means, and went not recruited a grudge unilaterally.


Note the difference between the cold and warm tropical day in various locations

2013-10-12 18:21:00
Temperature rises in the center East, etc. becomes a hot day of 30 degrees or more in many places, it has become a heat out of season is also the 12th. Forecast temperatures in the morning on the 13th drops to the average year almost, temperature differences increases, the Japan Meteorological Agency has called for attention to the management of physical condition.


Dismiss the Australian director Ojekku

2013-10-12 17:50:00
The 12th, Football Federation of Australia to compete in the World Cup soccer tournament in Brazil next year was dismissed Holger Ojekku coach.


Operated experimentally in Yokohama in tourism an electric boat

2013-10-12 17:41:00
Social experiment to consider whether can be introduced as a tourist ship a ship that runs on only electricity began in the vicinity of the Port of Yokohama from the 12th.


Spread cooperation loan countermeasures study

2013-10-12 15:42:00
In response to the problem of Mizuho Bank had loans to gangsters colleagues in partnership loan through the credit company, among financial institutions engaged in the financing, such as the same, is a movement to consider measures such as strengthening the review of pre- has spread.


Hot day in various places such as East

2013-10-12 15:23:00
The 12th also become a hot day of 30 degrees or more in various places such as East, heat out of season has continued. Is expected to temperatures falling through the morning of the 13th the future, temperature differences increases, the Japan Meteorological Agency has called for attention to the management of physical condition.


Yoshino cherry tree flowering to autumn

2013-10-12 13:46:00
In Miyagi Prefecture, Shiroishi became summer day for 5 consecutive days until the 11th, Yoshino cherry tree cherry bloom, we have to surprise people who visited in the flowering out of season.


Unlicensed boy collision accident two people killed one person in critical condition

2013-10-12 13:10:00
Morning the 12th, two people together girl 18-year-old was riding along with a 17-year-old boy that microbus and light passenger car is a head-on collision in the national highway of Kumamoto City, was driving a light passenger car were killed and the rear seat 17-year-old boy has become a critical condition of the unconscious. The police have investigated the detailed situation of the accident by a boy who was driving that was unlicensed.


Record update of latest hot day in the heart of the city

2013-10-12 12:39:00
Heat out of season has continued become a hot day of 30 degrees more than the 12th in various locations such as Tokai and Kanto. Since its started taking statistics in central Tokyo, has the record for tropical day late period of most.


Hot day in various places such as Tokai and Kanto

2013-10-12 12:10:00
Temperature is higher the 12th nationwide, it becomes hot day of 30 degrees or more by the place in the Kanto and Tokai, heat out of season has continued.


Japan and South Korea have retaliated at the United Nations comfort women

2013-10-12 11:50:00
Committee dealing with human rights issues in the United Nations, "violence against women is not eliminated in the area of ​​conflict it because he never worked properly to criminal acts of the past" as women ministers of South Korea took up the so-called comfort women issue Whereas the representatives of Japan countered, "It is resolved issues already", I was engaged in a discussion of the interplay.


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