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Main news(2014/01/01)

Kyoto   Hakone

"The election in the democratic system" march in Hong Kong

2014-01-01 20:27:00
In Hong Kong, I complained and that people critical of demonstration march to the regime of China, is carried out in the system more democratic, the election to choose the chief executive of Hong Kong top and democratization of China.


10 people transport choking on a rice cake Tokyo

2014-01-01 19:23:00
The 1st of the New Year's Day, it is transported to the hospital 10 people choking on a rice cake, at least, such as the elderly, the Tokyo Fire Department has called for caution in Tokyo.


Vigilance in Hokuriku Metropolitan northern gale snow

2014-01-01 18:36:00
Under the influence of low pressure during development, around the Sea of ​​Japan side of northern Japan and Hokuriku, there is a risk that a very strong wind blows along with the snow through the 2nd. Japan Meteorological Agency has called for vigilance on the impact on traffic due to strong winds and blowing snow.


"I did not know that the incident" parrot Kikuchi defendant

2014-01-01 18:08:00
It is a policy that at the trial of Aum Shinrikyo that begins this year, Kikuchi Naoko defendant who has to remain silent in the investigation stage claims such as "I did not know that the incident", compete across the board is the interviews with stakeholders I understand.


Cooperation focus of the political opposition and the ruling party in the adjustment

2014-01-01 17:37:00
While Prime Minister Abe is to minimize the slowdown of consumption tax hike after the April, aiming to break away from deflation, the idea that you want to work on, such as exercise acceptance of the right of collective self-defense, political situation of this year, in this modalities of cooperation with Your Party and Nihon'ishin'nokai close of thinking and ruling party coordination with careful Komeito is likely to be the focus of one.


Packaging temporary storage in the same room Maruhanichiro

2014-01-01 16:50:00
A problem has been detected pesticides from frozen food that has been produced in a factory in Gunma Prefecture of subsidiary food giant of "Maruha Nichiro Holdings", after it has been manufactured in separate lines, these products are packaged in the same room, then, factory it was found that one o'clock, it had been stored in a freezer inside. Company has decided to pursue an investigation to look possible that pesticide is mixed at any stage is high, such as hear from employees.


Emperor's Yokohama F · Marinos won

2014-01-01 16:15:00
Emperor's Cup to determine the football in Japan, Final is carried out at the National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan Football Championship, we played to win the seventh 21 tournament the first time in Yokohama F · Marinos won by 2-0 to Sanfrecce Hiroshima.


Nagano which runs a horse year celebration Kiso horse

2014-01-01 15:49:00
In Nagano Prefecture Kiso-machi, events running together horse of Japan native species as "Kiso horse" is opened to celebrate the New Year together with horses Well this year.


From New Year's Day open-air bath "Red Fuji" Yamanashi

2014-01-01 13:46:00
Morning the 1st of the New Year's Day, in the hot springs of Yamanashi Prefecture Yamanaka village at the foot of Mount Fuji, people who visited mountain surface is dyed red in the morning sun "Red Fuji" is seen was once again thought to New Year.


Can not foresee resuming operation in primary screening prolonged

2014-01-01 13:31:00
Safety review of the country which is a prerequisite for resuming operation of nuclear power plants, is based on the new standard was based on the nuclear accident three years ago, celebrates half a year in the middle of this month. However, examination, which is one Tsumonaku, initially, nuclear power plant has been evaluated as "reasonable", the assumption of the scale of the earthquake that has become an important item would take six months at the prospect take more time, time of operation resume It is a situation that can not foresee.


Sunrise, such as the Pacific Ocean side of the Great East Japan

2014-01-01 13:10:00
Sunrise is seen in various places in sunny New Year's Day in the center of the day, the West and the Pacific Ocean side of the Great East Japan, a lot of people was once again feeling the New Year.


Note the strong wind and snow and the northern part of Japan Hokuriku

2014-01-01 12:20:00
Under the influence of low pressure, which has developed rapidly, the wind has been growing along with the snow around the Sea of ​​Japan side of Hokkaido. There is a possibility that a very strong wind blows along with the snow over two days in the Hokuriku and northern Japan, the Japan Meteorological Agency has called for attention to the influence of traffic due to strong winds and blowing snow.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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