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Main news(2014/01/30)

Kyoto   Hakone

The reason for growing emerging economies concern

2014-01-30 21:28:00
Growing concern for emerging economies that caused the decline in stock prices of 30 days. The 29th, it's there in the background, it was decided to shrink following the last month, the scale of quantitative easing for now FRB = Federal Reserve Board, which corresponds to the central bank of the United States to fund a large amount of the market thing.


Intensify confrontation in Thailand elections

2014-01-30 20:40:00
In Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, where anti-government demonstrations followed, in response that it has decided to schedule implement the parliamentary election in-rack Prime Minister approached two days next month after three days, protesters face off in protest massive again It is increasingly attitude, that confusion deepens further towards the election day there are concerns.


Arrested a former train driver broke ATS

2014-01-30 19:59:00
In an attempt to hide the operation mistake of express train, as broke using hammer-struck ATS = automatic train stop system, the original motorman of JR Hokkaido has been arrested on suspicion of vandalism.


I've been working hard telling myself Kobo-kata's

2014-01-30 19:37:00
You can think you "Maybe I quit this experiment if it fails tomorrow", I will do my best to just "Today, Research Unit Leader of the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology, which was successfully created STAP cells, Kobo-kata Haruko's, work hard tomorrow We are talking about that it has made or telling yourself on a daily basis with the "cormorant.


Is superior as compared to the master cell STAP cells other

2014-01-30 19:22:00
It is noted The newly created "STAP cells" than previously developed, the cells of the various tissues, and found a risk of cancer is low, there is a surface excellent.


The snow removal volunteers Tokyo to Akita

2014-01-30 18:32:00
In Yokote City, Akita Prefecture has become a heavy snow, employees of the shipping company in Tokyo we are snow removal work of the house of the elderly volunteers.


To company-wide fee hike of electricity and gas

2014-01-30 17:16:00
From the fact that import prices of LNG = liquefied natural gas and crude oil has risen in due to the impact of the yen's depreciation, 4 major city gas and 10 electric power companies is to be price increases company-wide aligned the price of March worth this year became.


20 people arrested special team stalker · DV perpetrators

2014-01-30 16:55:00
Special team Metropolitan Police Department newly installed last month in order to strengthen the initial response to DV = domestic violence or stalking corresponds to the consultation of the 390 about to months this one, Of these, 20 cases urgency was higher it was found that arrested the perpetrators of human.


¥ 370 ultra-share price drops

2014-01-30 16:08:00
As we have decided to FRB = Federal Reserve Board, which corresponds to the central bank of the United States to advance the reduction of the scale of quantitative easing now, the Tokyo stock market for 30 days, the sell order was concerned about the outlook for emerging economies The spread, become the deployment of full depreciation, stock price has fallen significantly.


Report to the prospect multilingual June of TV subtitles

2014-01-30 15:38:00
Aim to realize a mechanism assuming an increase in foreign tourists in the future, put subtitles in various languages ​​on television, the first meeting of the Study Group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is opened, discuss and specific initiatives, it it was decided to put together a report to the prospect in June then.


Society is notified of the rubella antibody test in infertility treatment before

2014-01-30 15:28:00
In an attempt to reduce failure appears on the baby by pregnant women are infected with rubella "congenital rubella syndrome", for the doctor of obstetrics nationwide, Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology is, the antibodies of the couple in advance if you do infertility treatment to perform inspection, issued a notice asking you to recommend vaccination when the antibody is insufficient.


Detection from the arm cover of the same pesticide man

2014-01-30 13:26:00
In the incident as was mixed pesticides in frozen food that has been produced in a factory in Gunma Prefecture of subsidiary food giant of "Maruha Nichiro Holdings", a man of employees have been arrested, from the arm cover that guy is using in the factory it can be seen that the same pesticide is detected, to examine the circumstances that pesticides attached, police we have been investigating how such contamination of the products.


¥ 15,000 cracking morning closing stock price

2014-01-30 12:29:00
Tokyo stock market of 30 days, sell order you received because it was decided that the FRB = Federal Reserve Board, which corresponds to the central bank of the United States to advance the reduction of the scale of quantitative easing now, was concerned about the outlook for emerging economies it becomes deployment fared the spread is, the Nikkei Stock Average has an intervening ¥ 15,000.


The attention successful or universal cells are also in the "STAP cells" person

2014-01-30 12:21:00
application to regenerative medicine of the future, such as can be produced in large quantities in a short period of time than the iPS cells have been expected, the future, a new master cell STAP cells was able to RIKEN produce is, as well in human cells drawing attention to or able to produce to.


More than 1.4 billion yen net banking damage

2014-01-30 12:07:00
Last year, total damage exceeds the 1.4 billion yen damage is rapidly expanding, illegal remittance incidents of Internet banking, became the worst past.


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