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Main news(2014/03/18)

Kyoto   Hakone

Babysitting arrest cause of death or death by suffocation

2014-03-18 21:36:00
Was arrested on suspicion of a man of 26-year-old found in the body in the room of the apartment in Saitama Prefecture after Yamada Ryu琥 chan 2-year-old who lives in Yokohama has been deposited in the babysitter, had a babysitter has abandoned the body in the incident, it was found by the police may be seen cause of death Ryu琥 chan and suffocated. Police we have been investigating the prehistory Ryu琥 chan died.


The express incorporation of President Putin Crimea

2014-03-18 21:12:00
Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that a speech in Moscow from 8 o'clock pm on the 18th (Japan time), and be incorporated into the Russian Autonomous Republic of Crimea in southern Ukraine. Western countries have been strongly opposed to the incorporation of Crimea by Russia, it is a situation of tension further increases can not be avoided.


Donations and research funding from such nuclear power plant operators

2014-03-18 20:51:00
From primary manufacturers and operators of nuclear power, members of three of Ibaraki Prefecture Nuclear Safety Commission to consider from the standpoint of the prefecture own for and safety of nuclear facilities in Ibaraki Prefecture, had received donations and research funding I've found that.


Western Iran and consultation start nuclear development issues

2014-03-18 20:36:00
Amid Iran side to repel that are poised consultation of Western side and Iran over the nuclear issue begins in Vienna, Western side is about to add agenda the issue of ballistic missile, the last to be the goal of July this year I will be attention or be wearing a path to agreement.


The cooperation in maritime security improvement of Vietnam Prime Minister

2014-03-18 19:45:00
Because in mind that met at Prime Minister's Office and Truong Tan Sang Zemin of Vietnam, China has been allowed to actively marine advance, and to improve the maritime security capability of Vietnam, Prime Minister Abe is, cooperation agreement was such as to be strengthened.


Do admit incorporated to Russian President speech

2014-03-18 19:25:00
Russian President Vladimir Putin who recognize the independence of the Crimean Autonomous Republic of Ukraine southern and view plans to address in the Kremlin in Moscow from 20:00 on the 18th (Japan time), and indicate the policy that allows the transfer to Russia in the Crimea has been growing.


1 fire deaths five people injured in a meat processing facility

2014-03-18 18:50:00
Afternoon on the 18th, 1 buildings of three stories is burned to the ground in a meat processing facility in Chiba Prefecture, Asahi City, one people were killed and five people were injured.


To the release on the 19th Thailand declared a state of emergency

2014-03-18 17:07:00
The government decided that the 19th, to cancel the state of emergency that has put out, such as Bangkok and the like that this month, demonstrators withdrew the blockade of the main intersection in the center in the capital Bangkok Thai anti-government demonstrations continue were.


To employees' pension fund nearly 200 disbanded

2014-03-18 16:13:00
For employees' pension fund of one of the corporate pension to be paid by plus public pension, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to the procedures for the dissolution fund of nearly 200 or disbanded because of worsening financial out of the Fund was 560 It was revealed that it is set to adopt.


Probation two people bullying suicide classmate

2014-03-18 15:15:00
Three years ago, a problem that male students of junior high school two years have committed suicide to bother with bullying in Otsu, Otsu family court probation for two of the three classmates that documents had been sent in doubt, such as assault, It was decided not to dispose of about 1 other person.


The arrested boys corpse abandonment suspect Babysitting

2014-03-18 13:46:00
Incidents brother of 2-year-old after the two young brothers were deposited in Babysitting in Yokohama City is found in the body in the room of the apartment in Saitama Prefecture Fujimi, man babysitting a 26-year-old has abandoned the bodies police I was arrested as a suspect intensified. We decided to find out about prehistory boy died.


Cargo ship collision sank one died eight unknown

2014-03-18 13:27:00
In addition to an accident that ship of Panamanian registry sank cargo ship each other collide in Uragasuido offshore of Kanagawa Prefecture Miura, the death of one person found in the state of cardiopulmonary arrest of the crew of the Chinese has been confirmed whereabouts of 8 people no longer know.


To re-evaluation in the harbor seal damage to fisheries

2014-03-18 12:25:00
Ministry of the Environment has decided to re-evaluation, including the release of the specified harbor seal that is specified in the "endangered species" living in the coastal areas of Hokkaido as being caused serious damage to fisheries. And to assess individually only one species brought this one home for the "endangered species", it is that it's unusual.


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