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Main news(2014/03/26)

Kyoto   Hakone

District Court ruling in two staff members the 100 million 60 million yen compensation

2014-03-26 21:33:00
at trial because there was overpaid to the skilled in the renovation of river Yokohama have gone the assistance of such country, citizens were asked to make compensation to the staff at the time the additional amount that the city has paid to such country , Yokohama District Court, was sentenced to order in the city so that to compensate for 100 million more than ¥ 60 million to match the 2 staff members.


Check the object drifting satellite photo of 122 pieces

2014-03-26 20:57:00
Been identified in the satellite images were taken with new for Malaysia aircraft that can be seen to have crashed into the Indian Ocean, the object of 122 pieces is are you drifting in search waters south of the Indian Ocean, the Malaysian government, is that of passenger aircraft Seeing that there is also a possibility, you are in a hurry to confirm that you are seeking help in search of troops each country.


Extravaganza retired jumbo jet at Naha Airport

2014-03-26 20:28:00
Before Boeing 747 that was nicknamed Jumbo for it to disappear from domestic in full this month, to Naha Airport which is the departure of the last flight, to exhibit and part of the tire and wings 747 Corner is provided, patrons of many part reluctantly have visited.


Search resumes Kaiho machine Malaysia machines into Australian

2014-03-26 19:48:00
The 25th, the search for in the waters south of the Indian Ocean that have been canceled due to bad weather is resumed from the morning of the 26th for Malaysia aircraft found to have crashed into the sea, aircraft of the Japan Coast Guard also participated in the search in the afternoon You are now in Australia to.


To such as "stroller mark" create transportation

2014-03-26 18:56:00
Parents who put their children in the stroller, trying to be able to use without hesitation transportation, Study Group of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has created a "stroller mark". Future, we have to be stuck on the station, such as addition to the car of the train or bus, to go in search of attention to the stroller to users around.


It is not noticed by anyone five and a half hours amputation of the foot at the station

2014-03-26 18:36:00
25 day and night, in JR Karatsu Station, Karatsu, Saga Prefecture, men who fell in the line is pulled forward the train, I had a serious injury to his left leg cut. By men unnoticed while fallen, that asked for help yourself to five and a half hours after approximately, the police, we examine the situation and detailed.


The lion disposal Zoo upcoming Kirin disposal

2014-03-26 17:50:00
In Denmark, it is disposed of in reason lion that another come the family of the lion now, the zoo that was discarded on the grounds that in order to avoid inbreeding a giraffe that had been bred, drew criticism, spread voice of protest again have.


Or more than 130 billion yen record heavy snow insurance of last month

2014-03-26 17:09:00
In heavy snow record of last month, the amount of insurance money to pay people two major property and casualty insurance group were damaged, such as housing becomes the prospect of more than 130 billion yen to fit, as the payment of insurance against damage of snow It is seen, to become in the past maximum.


The "better not excited is good" in the Korean cooperation with China

2014-03-26 16:55:00
Ishihara, co-representative of Nihon'ishin'nokai a press conference at the Japan Foreign Correspondents' Association, better "Korea is not excited much good. China and for that it showed the attitude to work two leaders of China and South Korea is around the historical recognition It said "whether there is what obtained in close proximity, we expressed concern in correspondence of Korea.


The documents submitted to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Mount Ngoc graphics

2014-03-26 15:14:00
For the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Mount Ngoc vinegar last month, has filed for Civil Rehabilitation Law virtual currency on the Internet, trading brokerage firm bit coin was revealed that it has submitted the documentation that relevant for bit coin you have lost.


The satchel to give 150 people Takanashi players fatherless families

2014-03-26 14:21:00
Next month, Ace of ski jumping girls, Sara Takanashi players, I gave the school bag children of fatherless families enroll in Osaka, to approximately 150 people in elementary school.


Doctoral thesis Waseda Kobo-kata san to the start of the survey

2014-03-26 13:14:00
Cobo how Haruko Research Unit Leader of RIKEN, a problem that has come out is suspected, such as theft of a sentence to doctoral thesis that was submitted to the Waseda University, Waseda University that you start a detailed investigation was sprinkled with external experts for the presence of illegal has revealed.


Trouble in the crane of the take-out Unit 4 fuel

2014-03-26 13:02:00
Where you and depends on the Tokyo Electric Power Company, 9:30 am on the 26th, it was going to start with the large crane indoor retrieval work of the fuel from the spent fuel pool at Unit 4 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, that an error has occurred It is that there was a trouble warning device to indicate is activated, the crane will not work. I am looking into the cause TEPCO. Removal of the fuel from the spent fuel pool has been conducted from November last year in Unit 4 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, an alarm device was working, that was before you begin lifting of container called a cask put fuel is. When depends on the TEPCO, so there is no change to the value of the radiation that is monitored by the fuel pool near.


The strong protest to the missile launch of the North Korean government

2014-03-26 12:49:00
The early morning of the 26th, for that it has fired two shots ballistic missile towards the Sea of ​​Japan, and as such violation of the resolutions of the UN Security Council, as well as protest strictly to North Korea, the government, the United States continues to be North Korea It hit the warning or information collected by working closely with South Korea and.


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