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Main news(2014/04/01)

Kyoto   Hakone

The Professional Golf Association recommendation to "not be eliminated thoroughly gangsters"

2014-04-01 21:41:00
Problems executives Japan Professional Golfers' Association of public utility association corporation, had been together such as golf and chairman of the designated gang, and as such "is in a state of gangsters exclusion has not been thorough", Cabinet Office, the responsibility of the officer It was recommended that we clarify, and take necessary measures.


Swear thorough ceremony safety awareness of JR North

2014-04-01 20:45:00
In JR Hokkaido trouble and scandals such as the falsification of inspection data of rail were numerous, the 1st, initiation ceremony is performed, new employees of approximately 300 people vowed thorough safety awareness.


The tenacious negotiations morning to resolution of the issues Prime Minister Date

2014-04-01 19:41:00
Abe Prime Minister, so that towards the resolution of concerns of North Korea the day we received reports from Ihara Asia Pacific director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who attended the intergovernmental consultation of North Korea and Japan, was including the abduction issue, hit the negotiations tenaciously has directed.


Elucidation confirmed 800 million yen Shito soon everyone

2014-04-01 19:20:00
Your Party Open houses lawmakers meeting, severe gaze is directed from voters in the problem Watanabe representative had borrowed 800 million yen together from chairman of the cosmetics company, as such there is a need to rush to Shushu of the situation, I was confirmed clarify policy as soon as possible and uses for funds as a party.


RIKEN president of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and phase "fake" report

2014-04-01 18:59:00
In the issues surrounding the STAP cells, evening the 1st, Ryoji Noyori president of RIKEN visited the Ministry of Education, was described Shimomura Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, the contents of the investigation report to be that there has been fraud, such as faking data .


A serious program broadcasting ethics violation of Fuji

2014-04-01 17:43:00
Fuji TV, variety shows were censored broadcast inappropriate production is as has been confirmed for the "dust × fresh", Commission of BPO = broadcasting ethics and program improvement mechanism, "there was a serious broadcasting ethics violation" I've compiled the opinion that.


Competition life mogul Uemura is happy retirement conference

2014-04-01 17:31:00
Guru of skiing women's moguls, Aiko Uemura player was retired to 5 days before a press conference in Nagano, I looked back the players life of 20 years "It was a really happy life competition".


Payment confirmed "Hottomotto" of about 1.1 billion yen

2014-04-01 16:02:00
At the trial that a company with stores brand as "Hokkahokkateisouhonbu" and "Hottomotto" Tour of the franchise agreement dealer lunch is contested, payment of one billion yen more than allow the breach of contract "Hottomotto" side Judgment Ordering was confirmed by the Supreme Court.


Statue completed that was made with pine of Rikuzentakata

2014-04-01 15:26:00
Kannon image timer temple in Nara Prefecture Katsuragi City, was made using the pine tree of Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture, which was washed away by the tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake was completed, the 1st, Buddhist memorial service was practiced.


Electoral system review third party installed chairman judgment

2014-04-01 15:12:00
At a press conference, for the installation of third-party organization to discuss the review of the electoral system of the House of Representatives, in terms of close, you open the Secretary-General-Secretary-General meeting of each party, Ishiba secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party, talks to Ibuki House of Representatives chairman we showed the idea to report the content and want prompted to make a decision of the pros and cons of installation.


履正 company wins the finals in Toyokawa

2014-04-01 14:10:00
Day 11 Games, 10 innings, 履正's high school in Osaka wins in the 12-to-7 in Toyokawa High School in Aichi, first game of the semi-finals, went to the finals for the first time through spring and summer is selected high school baseball.


Consumption tax trouble ticket issued at Meitetsu

2014-04-01 13:52:00
Morning the 1st, at the counter of the station of all major private railway, headquartered in Nagoya, Meitetsu station employee corresponds, there was trouble that can not be issued, such as ticket or season ticket.


"The fraud and forgery in the paper" STAP cell research committee

2014-04-01 13:29:00
The one diary press conference, Commission of Inquiry RIKEN announced Island survey results to be Kobo-kata Haruko Research Unit Leader, et al, that there has been fraud, such as faking data in the paper of STAP cells that were announced at the issues surrounding the STAP cell were. In contrast, Mr. Kobo-kata has announced the comments "that it was condemning falsification, fabrication and can not be very Shofuku, you appealed to RIKEN," he said.


Grandson arrested Nagano death of living bites 2 people

2014-04-01 12:06:00
The 1st morning, women and 80s who live in this house, two men in their 20s found a grandchild stabbed with a knife, and died on the premises of the house of Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture. Arrested on the spot on suspicion of attempted murder of a 31-year-old man seen to live police, the grandson of the woman, we examine the detailed situation.


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