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Main news(2014/04/26)

Kyoto   Hakone

Men's Golf Shigenaga is sole lead

2014-04-26 20:31:00
Third round is carried out in the Hyogo Prefecture Kawanishi tournament domestic tour of the men's golf, Shigenaga Atoyume players of 25-year-old aimed at tour's first victory stood in sole lead at 11-under total.


Guide activities that were born and raised in silk field

2014-04-26 20:22:00
Born and raised in Tomioka silk field has become expected to be registered as a world cultural heritage, man of 81-year-old has served as a volunteer guide of silk field, "We are really surprised playground of the past becomes a World Heritage Site" Now I'm talking to.


Value Tomioka silk reeling field industrial heritage group also joined

2014-04-26 19:09:00
Became a prospect to be registered in the world cultural heritage along with the Tomioka silk field "silk industrial heritage group", are both historic sites of the three countries that supported the mass production of raw silk in the Gunma prefecture.


The questioning also sailors wreck search difficulties during hospitalization

2014-04-26 18:15:00
In addition to such as captain you are arrested already, also for sailors of four people hand's Misao that are admitted to hospital and remain, a joint investigation headquarters of the marine police, proper evacuation of passengers in the passenger ship sank in Korea I started listening to the circumstances seeing that there is a possibility you did not do, you are in a hurry to elucidate the causes that many passengers were delayed escape.


Cheerfully that sweaty in the long holiday season around the first day

2014-04-26 17:59:00
Temperature rises and sunny nationwide 26-day Golden Week holidays first day, it became a holiday weather. It is expected to clear up generally in the East Metropolitan northern Japan is also the 27th, but since the thaw progresses in the mountains along the Japan Meteorological Agency has called for attention to the rise of a river and avalanche.


92 000 people in the parade of athletes Hanyu

2014-04-26 17:58:00
Parade Figure Skating who won the gold medal at the Sochi Olympics, Hanyu Yuitsuru players is performed in Sendai, Hometown, more than 90,000 people and fans citizens and filled the roadside is celebrated feat.


Win reimbursement lowest popular horse of the best-ever to wear one

2014-04-26 17:25:00
In the race of horse racing was held in Fukushima City, ¥ 56,940 which is the highest in history has been recorded as the refund of win. In the eighth race which took place at Fukushima Racecourse in Fukushima on the 26th, Liberty Hall was 16th popularity of 16-horse became the first place. As a result, the refund of the win becomes 56,940 yen, I was updated 59 years the 55,870 yen of the race of October 1955 was the best of win so far JRA, in the Japan Racing Association.


Ishihara also policy objection of new party and Yui also Restoration summer

2014-04-26 16:34:00
Open the Executive Board, policy consultations that are underway with the party of Yui formed a unified parliamentary group in the Upper House if Matomare, both parties joined also in the summer this year, Nihon'ishin'nokai confirmed a policy aimed at formation of new party were.


To growth in export and commercialization of advanced medical Prime Minister

2014-04-26 15:07:00
The greeting at a meeting of representatives of medical associations around the world was held in Tokyo gather, to advance the commercialization of advanced medicine, and exported to foreign countries along with the social security system in Japan, such as national health insurance, Abe Prime Minister, Economic has shown the idea that want to lead to growth.


Asahikawa, Hokkaido that begin sales Asahiyama Zoo summer

2014-04-26 14:43:00
In Asahiyama Zoo Asahikawa, Hokkaido, sales of summer starts from the 26th of the first day of Golden Week holidays, I am crowded with such families.


The "only lead to isolation" U.S. president warns North Korea

2014-04-26 14:14:00
In addition to warning "I only lead to isolation" against North Korea President Barack Obama of the United States to address in Korea visited, is showing the movement be taken also preparing for nuclear test, and defense obligations to South Korea It was emphasized their determination to fulfill.


To strengthen sales in the new car is turned on after tax increase

2014-04-26 13:51:00
Order to suppress the decrease in sales due to consumption tax increase, among automobile manufacturers, movement that tries to boost sales in the "new car effect" by introducing new models actively has one after another this year.


to trouble free replacement to iPhone5 button

2014-04-26 13:23:00
Apple IT companies in the United States, announced for example that of the power button does not work properly on some smartphones "iPhone5" is found, and to a free replacement button.


Golden Week holidays the first day over 26 degrees in the holiday weather Hokkaido

2014-04-26 12:53:00
Temperature rises and sunny nationwide, making it the vacationers weather in many parts is the 26th of the first day of Golden Week holidays. Since the thaw progresses along the mountain, in the case of such as leisure, you should be aware of the swollen river and avalanche.


Tomioka reeling field is also of banners to celebrate World Heritage

2014-04-26 12:20:00
The city hall of Gunma Prefecture Tomioka there is Tomioka silk field, banners to celebrate that it has become expected to be registered in the world cultural heritage have been listed. In Tomioka silk field, many tourists have visited from the morning.


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