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Main news(2014/05/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

Attitude emphasis on nuclear power plant operation Denjiren chairman Resume

2014-05-23 21:40:00
For that you have handed down a ruling ordering so that the Fukui District Court does not resume the operation of Unit 4 and Unit 3 of the Kansai Electric Power Ohi nuclear power plant, at a press conference, Yagi Makoto chairman of the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan is committed to safety of nuclear power plant only after doing, we emphasized the attitude to tackle resuming operation of the nuclear power plant while obtaining an understanding of the region.


For Japanese radio broadcasting started in Thailand

2014-05-23 19:54:00
From the fact that in Thailand coup by the military has been declared, the military began a regulation of the press, television broadcast of overseas of NHK is no longer be viewed, it is necessary for travelers and Japanese living in the local from the 23rd in NHK In order to provide information, in short, I began the extraordinary transmission of Japanese radio broadcast Japan.


Meteorological satellite "Himawari" delivery Resume

2014-05-23 19:32:00
Afternoon the 23rd, failure occurs in the system on the ground to create an image meteorological satellite "Himawari", the temporary image can no longer be delivered to the weather and other companies, but to resume delivery, Meteorological Agency has to determine the cause of the problem You.


Summons to military installations Thailand before Prime Minister

2014-05-23 19:19:00
In Thailand coup has been declared, the 23rd, though summoned to military facilities anti-government protesters side and the government side, including an in-rack former Prime Minister, the executives of both the military of both towards the interim government creation of military-led It has been taken as movement stifle the forces.


Disposal of the first ever "push buying" specific trade law

2014-05-23 17:48:00
And as was going to visit the home, such as the elderly, purchase the precious metals force the so-called "push-buying", for the company in Osaka, Consumer Agency is ordered to stop business for three months, and some were. As was the "push buying", administrative penalties based on specific trade law was done, This is the first time.


Study sessions in the "1 small problem"

2014-05-23 17:29:00
Study meeting the problem state that can not concentrate on the lesson children just enrolled in elementary school is followed, for "1 small problem" so-called, was collected and the person in charge of the education committee of the whole country is opened, experts, of class time It was pointed out that it should be more thorough, and measures devised in length, such as in-depth exchange of information with nursery and kindergarten.


Northern Japan is expected of "cool summer"

2014-05-23 17:15:00
When depends on the long-term forecast of the Meteorological Agency, under the influence of the El Nino phenomenon, there is a risk that is "cool summer" temperature becomes low in northern Japan, July hitting in the second half of the rainy season, this summer is expected rainfall becomes more nationally almost have.


Spawning success in the research facilities of land bluefin tuna

2014-05-23 16:44:00
Amid bluefin tuna natural, known as luxury food is reduced, and an attempt to provide a stable supply of juvenile bluefin tuna, a research facility of Nagasaki are working on the development of spawning technology, the world's first as a research facility of the land, bluefin tuna I was successful in spawning.


Resume in one system contaminated water treatment facility

2014-05-23 15:53:00
The 23rd, treatment facilities of contaminated water had stopped the treatment in all three systems for the degradation of components due to radiation at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station "ALPS" has resumed the process in one system. I seen the resumption of two systems remain will become the next month or later.


Statement acknowledges ASKA suspect use

2014-05-23 15:19:00
In the incident was arrested ASKA suspects CHAGE and ASKA is, as had been concealed stimulants, began a statement to acknowledge also that the after requesting investigation of then, ASKA suspects admitted the charges, was using stimulants I've found in an interview to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department be. Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's policy is to re-arrest also next week on suspicion of using a stimulant.


About 6 trillion yen reduction in the "output gap" rush demand

2014-05-23 15:07:00
The difference between the supply and demand forces in the country that is one of the decisions of deflation, is 2 trillion yen minus "output gap", minus width is about 6 trillion yen reduction island background and last-minute demand for consumption tax hike before were.


Considered to meet Kai amendment Restoration of National Assembly Law

2014-05-23 14:39:00
Tour around how the parliament is involved in the operation of a particular secret protection law, and held talks with officials and party level Nihon'ishin'nokai, Your Party, of Yui, the Liberal Democratic Party-New Komeito two parties, providing a permanent organization to both houses each We propose next week, and want to submit jointly to the National Assembly the draft amendments of the National Assembly Act, it was told that the idea Nihon'ishin'nokai respond.


Enactment of legislation for shaping "Japanese NIH" system

2014-05-23 14:24:00
Legislation to establish a system was a pillar that it established the "Japan Medical Research Agency", to manage centrally the research and development budget, the "Japanese NIH" so-called, a majority in the Upper House plenary session of the 23rd at it is passed, it was established.


Policy that allows professional school admission of foreigners denied

2014-05-23 13:58:00
It had led the improvement in school corporation specialized school in Kumagaya, Saitama Prefecture to train and cooks otherwise the admission of foreigners, Saitama Prefecture operated, but the afternoon the 23rd, chairman of the school corporation Ken it was found that for, I told a policy that allows the next fiscal year from the admission of foreigners.


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