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Main news(2014/10/25)

Kyoto   Hakone

Significance emphasis opponents of Hong Kong vote signature start

2014-10-25 20:55:00
In Hong Kong to continue the students will protest seeking democratic elections, while emphasizing its significance before the such as student organizations to carry out the vote for the opinion aggregated from the 26th, people who oppose the protest activities also started a signature activities, we have strengthened the movement that people of different position to insist on each idea.


Check the consultation acceleration of TPP difficulties field

2014-10-25 20:15:00
And around the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, to have ministerial meeting held in Australia end the consultation of the first day, such as corrective of incentives to intellectual property protection and state-owned enterprises, consultation in the art to which the negotiations are bogged down It was confirmed that accelerate.


International efforts led by US President spread of infection prevention

2014-10-25 19:30:00
In response to that is that the male doctor who returned to New York from West Africa were infected with the Ebola virus has been confirmed, led by President Obama of the United States as well as calls for calm response to national, international efforts to prevent the spread of infection We emphasized the by going determination that you are.


More than Ebola infection and infection suspicion 10,000

2014-10-25 19:00:00
For Ebola hemorrhagic fever, which is infection around the West Africa are expanding, WHO = World Health Organization announced that the infected person is more than 1 million people.


And re-arrested another Japanese murder Thai men and women

2014-10-25 17:46:00
In the Thai capital Bangkok 70s of Japanese men were killed in the incident, police, for men and women 2 people of Thailand who have been arrested on suspicion that it was killing this man, is another doubt that Japanese men were also killed intensified as, I was re-arrested on the 25th.


China fishing boat coral poaching or this week 100 ships than

2014-10-25 16:28:00
In the Ogasawara Islands off the coast of the world natural heritage, Chinese fishing boat is seen as being poaching the precious coral problem, the number of fishing boats is more than 100 ships this week, such as the Japan Coast Guard has hit the correspondence.


JR Takasaki Line operation postponed

2014-10-25 15:27:00
When depends on the JR East, JR Takasaki Line, because the injury occurred in Kagohara Station premises in Kumagaya, Saitama, in the vertical line between Ueno Station and Takasaki Station, has been postponed to 2 pm 46 minutes to operation afternoon.


Climbing notification submission of Gifu Prefecture Ontakesan to mandatory

2014-10-25 14:55:00
In response to that confirmation of the climbers was bogged down in the eruption of Ontakesan, Gifu Prefecture next year since spring, to climbers passing through near the summit of Gifu Prefecture side of Ontakesan, submission of climbing notice who wrote such as the name a policy mandating I was firm.


Nadal to "Tour Final" miss

2014-10-25 13:51:00
Spain's Rafael Nadal players in the world ranking # 3 of men's tennis, I have decided to miss the "final tour" of the tour finale that Kei Nishikori players are also aiming to compete.


Local and opinion exchange before the Nagano Governor eruption 1 month

2014-10-25 13:23:00
57 people were killed, before to become the one month in the eruption from the 27th of Ontakesan that even now do not know the six whereabouts, such as the opinion Nagano Prefecture of Abe governor at the foot of tourism stakeholders The signed, was issued opinions that seek help to strengthen and tourism of disaster prevention measures from the local side.


The disposal false pandemic influenza therapeutics 15,000 servings

2014-10-25 12:39:00
As influenza pandemic, for therapeutic agents that such countries have stockpiles, where the General Accounting Office found out, notification despite the validity period of the medicine has been extended by, interprets Ministry of Defense is accidentally, still can be used 15,000 servings of medicine was supposed to, it was found that he had to discard the 50 million yen worth in the amount of money.


TPP ministers begin meeting "multilateral talks also energetically"

2014-10-25 12:20:00
Ministerial meeting of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement begins in Australia, Amari for economic recovery Minister told reporters, towards the outline agreement of the year that is targeted, Japan and the United States the two countries over the such as handling of agricultural products 5 items of tariff In addition to the consultation between, we showed the idea to perform energetically multilateral consultations on rules areas such as protection of intellectual property.


Also date postponed facts and different description of the referee in the judge overslept

2014-10-25 12:02:00
The 23rd, after a judge of Nagoya family court Okazaki branch did not come to the referee overslept, clerk in charge is the fact the different described as "lingering another trial" to the agent of the attorney, date is I found that had been postponed.


"Tweet" the British Queen Elizabeth for the first time of

2014-10-25 04:08:00
United Kingdom of Queen Elizabeth, and the first time post a "tweet" of its own on Twitter, we call the topic.


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