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Main news(2014/11/02)

Kyoto   Hakone

The worst doctor shortage past, such as prison

2014-11-02 20:40:00
Succession of doctor of resignation of full-time in correctional facilities, such as prisons, the number of vacancies that have become one and past the worst of approximately four minutes of capacity I was found in an interview to the Ministry of Justice. Despite the prison sentence has been determined, and he has serious consequences such as not being able to accommodate more than 100 people in prison in the nation.


Car two collision two people killed one person in critical condition Kagoshima

2014-11-02 19:22:00
The 2nd afternoon, two passenger cars collide in Kagoshima Prefecture Soo, in addition to suit was riding in both of the car 4 people 2 men and women of the died, one man has become an unknown serious condition consciousness .


In nuclear comprehensive disaster prevention training challenges highlighted

2014-11-02 19:05:00
Nuclear Disaster Drill of this year the country is in Shiga nuclear power plant in Ishikawa Prefecture, it was done by assuming the accident due to the earthquake. In Toyama Prefectural Office, in addition there was a trouble that part of the voice of the declaration of a nuclear emergency situation of the received Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on television conference is interrupted, the training of residents on the assumption that the road has been cut off in Ishikawa Prefecture to evacuate using the ship We were planning to be carried out, it is not put out the ship high waves, challenge How to ensure the means of evacuation became a relief.


Create foreigners app in the event of a disaster

2014-11-02 18:33:00
To foreign travelers visiting Japan, and I'll have to ensure the earthquake and tsunami, such as safety disaster occurred when, tourism agency, has created an application and guidelines for smartphones prompting the evacuation in such as English.


In Hokuriku and Tohoku atmospheric instability northern Japan tomorrow stormy weather

2014-11-02 18:07:00
For low pressure in the Sea of ​​Japan develops rapidly, Hokuriku and Tohoku In addition followed by a unstable state of the atmosphere, northern Japan three days, is expected to become the rough weather, the Japan Meteorological Agency is encouraged to be aware of the storm and high waves have.


Result of "East Robo-kun" evolution mock exam is

2014-11-02 18:04:00
University of Tokyo and National Institute of Informatics and aims to pass have developed artificial intelligence, extend the academic achievement compared to last year, this year it became a performance that can be passed to the University of more than 470, including the public universities in simulated test prep was. Research Group Through the project, we are eager to be "I want to clarify the possibilities and limitations of artificial intelligence".


A weaker yen measures in Komei Yamaguchi representative supplementary budget

2014-11-02 17:10:00
Yamaguchi representative of the New Komeito, greets a party meeting in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, in terms of showed a recognition that the Bank of Japan is in a weaker yen is progressing under the influence of additional monetary easing that was decided, this year's correction organizes the budget, we showed the idea that there is a need to incorporate a weaker yen measures.


Serious accident training Prime Minister initial response confirmation of the primary

2014-11-02 16:54:00
Nuclear comprehensive disaster prevention training in the country for which it was assumed the serious accident of the nuclear power plant is carried out, in the Prime Minister's Office, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and related ministers use the disaster countermeasures headquarters and TV conference system of local, and cooperation between the government and local governments I have confirmed the initial response of an emergency such as way.


Continued from Canada women unknown search the 10th

2014-11-02 15:01:00
In Canada northern town, known for Aurora tourism, but whereabouts of a Japanese woman was the 10th have passed it from no longer know, still clue is not found, the local police, the north side of town that woman has been witnessed in the last the to expand the range to the center is continuing the search.


The "Danjiri" gathered in Osaka Castle Park

2014-11-02 14:01:00
The event that brings together the "Danjiri" familiar in Osaka of the festival has been held in Osaka Castle Park.


International Symposium Kobe to think about disaster prevention

2014-11-02 13:18:00
Before to become 20 years next January from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, symposium to think about disaster management from an international perspective was held in Kobe City.


Accident of 3 deaths "traveling in burst tire fire"

2014-11-02 13:00:00
The 1st, in the Tohoku Expressway of Iwate Prefecture Kitakami, in vehicle fire three people, including young boy burning camper has died, the fire come out from after car tire had burst during the "running father was driving it can be seen that you are talking to ", has examined the detailed cause of police fire.


Nikake Atmospheric instability in Hokuriku and Tohoku tomorrow

2014-11-02 12:15:00
For low pressure in the Sea of ​​Japan develops rapidly, Hokuriku and Tohoku is in addition to the atmosphere of the state becomes unstable through the next three days, 3 days intensified wind in northern Japan, but it may cause the weather that was rough.


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