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Main news(2014/12/09)

Kyoto   Hakone

J League Most Valuable Player of the Gamba and Endo

2014-12-09 21:11:00
The Most Valuable Player award this season of football J-League, Gamba played a league championship of nine years in J1 Osaka captain, Yasuhito Endo players were first selected.


Mazda to recall investigation in the United States

2014-12-09 21:02:00
in a series of recall issues surrounding the airbag auto parts manufacturers "Takata" was produced, "Mazda" was revealed that it has solidified a policy to do recall that the purpose of research in the United States.


And research and development facilities in Apple Japan

2014-12-09 19:44:00
Abe Prime Minister, in the street speech you made in Saitama City, IT companies Apple America, has revealed that the provision of the largest research and development base for Japan in Asia.


Investigation recall Japan's first Honda 130 000 units

2014-12-09 18:56:00
in a series of recall issues surrounding the airbag auto parts manufacturers "Takata" was manufacturing, Honda for the first time to become recall that the purpose of investigation of failure to 134,500 units sequentially performed it in from late this month to a subject in Japan now.


Potential was huge crater lake of Mars

2014-12-09 18:18:00
NASA = National Aeronautics and Space Administration has announced that two years ago Mars landing the spacecraft "Curiosity" result that has to analyze the information gathered, a huge crater there is a possibility was lake before more than 30 billion years.


Tokyo Olympics karate sued compatible with existing facilities

2014-12-09 17:45:00
In IOC = International Olympic Committee of extraordinary general meeting, in response to that host city of the Olympic Games was observed the right to add proposed event, Japan Karate Federation is, towards the adoption of the Tokyo Olympics, can be supported by existing facilities was revealed that go aggressively appeal the benefits of competition, such as thing.


"Fourth industrial revolution" is also Na miss Japan

2014-12-09 17:26:00
Utilizing such as robots and artificial intelligence, aimed at innovative Manufacturing, amid efforts called "fourth industrial revolution" advances in many parts of the world, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry specific correspondence so that not to miss Japanese companies in this movement I began to consider bet.


Victory reported by Yamaguchi alma mater of badminton Fukui

2014-12-09 17:12:00
2 year of high school that won the badminton of the All-Japan Comprehensive Championship, won debriefing of Yamaguchi Akane players was held in Fukui Prefecture Katsuyama high school.


Yoshinoya UshidonburinamiSakari to the 80 yen price increase

2014-12-09 16:18:00
Major "Yoshinoya" of beef bowl chain, increased transaction price of beef that becomes the raw material, as is also increasing import cost in yen depreciation, such as a 300 yen to 380 yen Nami Sheng of beef bowl, use a beef I announced a price increase of the menu.


The removal part in Hong Kong student occupation of road the 11th

2014-12-09 15:47:00
In Hong Kong, in the part of the government building the road in front of students who seek the realization of democratic elections sit down, will that the removal of such barricades on the basis of a court order to the 11th place, according to the this police There also appear view that embark on preemption in unison.


COP20 private companies and NGO is the first meeting participation

2014-12-09 14:56:00
New of the United Nations to discuss the framework conference of global warming, at COP20, to stem the decline of the forest that leads to the emission of greenhouse gases, for the first time of the meeting also to participate, such as private companies and NGO is opened, the forest protection activities or going to how support financially, matched by continued even consultation future.


I spate of cyber attacks aimed at Sony

2014-12-09 14:27:00
Sony 8 days, revealed that no longer game available delivery service is temporarily, such as using the Internet in response to a cyber attack from the outside, we are series of cyber attacks targeting Sony in the United States.


Power outage in Tokushima heavy snow 1585 households

2014-12-09 13:59:00
More you to Shikoku Electric Power, followed by a power outage at the impact of the heavy snow in Tokushima Prefecture, making it the power outage in 1585 households to meet the four cities and towns such as 13:00 currently, Miyoshi Yatsurugi the town. Of these, it is I went to the 9th morning in Mima you have fully recovered, again, 900 households over is a power failure, you have to determine the cause is Shikoku Electric Power.


Stronger hit-and-run suspect of US troops in Okinawa

2014-12-09 13:40:00
In Okinawa prefectural road, earlier this month, a man was driving a mini bike is found in the unconscious state, in a subsequent checks of police, car parts that had fallen on the scene is, it was passing the site at that time the United States Marines it was found that this is the same type as the car. The police, as this Marine was growing suspicion of hit-and-run, we are promoting the examined.


Patients most in RS virus past '10

2014-12-09 12:21:00
Patients with RS virus infection that causes such as pneumonia in infants is turned most in the last decade, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases has called for thorough measures such as hand washing.


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