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Main news(2015/01/20)

Kyoto   Hakone

To the decommissioning work stop and inspect in fatal accident

2015-01-20 21:42:00
TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and the second nuclear power plant, after another accident the worker to death, in the first nuclear power plant, it stops the 21st decommissioning work, it was decided to carry out safety inspections . For TEPCO background, at a press conference, and said, "must also thought that the amount of work has become more", showed the idea to consider whether there is a problem in how to proceed and safety measures of work.


Goto I no longer tell acquaintances contact

2015-01-20 20:33:00
Free acquaintance of Kenji Goto journalists, coverage of the last two times, Baba Sakura's director who sometimes held a talk event that's led to Goto in conflict areas by calling the Goto-san also in December, "last year It was scheduled to be held the events that get talked about, such as experience, contact will not talk and "has become impossible to cast not stick.


# 1 pass in Asia Cup Japan 3 straight wins

2015-01-20 20:15:00
Japan representative football, Asian Cup, to play against Jordan in the third round of the first round, won by 2-0. Japan as a three-game winning streak, has decided to knockout stages at the 1-position of group D. Japan is the 2-position of Group C in the quarter-finals of the 23rd of this month, will play against UAE = United Arab Emirates.


Similar to the killing notice the video of the past

2015-01-20 19:52:00
This published video footage, "Islamic countries" have similar in the video and a plurality of points, such as when you notice the killing of Americans were confined to this.


Intimidation ransom request as "Islamic countries" "Japanese killing"

2015-01-20 19:33:00
Man who the masked with a knife found a member of the Islamic extremist organization "Islamic countries" is a video that threatened to kill two Japanese that are constrained to pay the ransom within 72 hours, on the Internet has been published.


Aizuchi hit "interactive robot" public

2015-01-20 18:01:00
A new interactive robot that can or chimed you can gaze into the person you are talking to developed by research teams, such as Osaka University, the 20th, and has been published in Tokyo National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.


Canceled, such as inspection of non-prime minister official events

2015-01-20 17:34:00
Abe Prime Minister during his visit to the Middle East, in response to the current situation, although the official events such as summit meeting with President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority do as planned, we decided to cancel such other visits .


Goto's "go to Yukawa's help"

2015-01-20 17:24:00
Kenji Goto was born Sendai, through the Production company, established the "Independent Press" of the video communication company in Tokyo in 1996, has been working as a freelance journalist.


"Islamic countries" Japanese killing warning or ransom request

2015-01-20 15:58:00
In the video that has been published on the Internet, the man who the masked with a knife found a member of the Islamic extremist organization "Islamic countries" is, the two Japanese that are constrained to pay the ransom within 72 hours When killing we talk in English. This video, I have reflected two people seen with Goto Kenji's that last year constrained Yukawa Harukana san and freelance journalist is being dressed orange clothes. For authenticity of this video, it is not yet known.


High school students job job offer rate '21 the first time in high-level

2015-01-20 15:32:00
Employment job offer rate of this spring, graduation plans high school students, and 84% at the time of last year the end of November, and exceeded the previous Lehman shock, now high in '21 the first time level.


Flood damage estimation study of the largest supermarkets typhoon

2015-01-20 14:45:00
Amid increasing down how the intensity of the rain, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Tokyo, Osaka, for the three major metropolitan areas of Nagoya, damage of flood, such as floods and storm surges of up to class that can be considered, such as when the "super typhoon" landed to make assumptions, and now that it will consider the disaster prevention measures.


Fukushima second even workers accident one death

2015-01-20 13:49:00
20th morning, male workers at the Fukushima Dai-ni NPS TEPCO is sandwiched between the head in appliances, in but was taken to the hospital died. Male workers 19 days in first nuclear power plants fell from the ceiling of the tank Fukushima, then have occurred accidents death, safety measures has become a challenge.


200 million yen in the hometown tax tuna and bonito ultra Yaizu

2015-01-20 13:38:00
Shizuoka Prefecture Yaizu City, where was prepared as goods of thank the tuna and bonito in the hometown tax payment system, donation amount had remained at ¥ 670,000 to September from last year January thanks of goods there was no, last year in October I was more than a 200 million yen in three months over from.


Nishikori is Sutoreto-gachi all Australian opener

2015-01-20 11:28:00
First of four major tournaments this year of tennis, in the men's singles of the Australian Open, Kei Nishikori players wins straight to Nicolas Almagro players of Spain, went to the second round.


Continuous gold judo Hitoshi Saito's death in Olympics

2015-01-20 10:26:00
Won the Olympic gold medal in two tournament consecutive judo, Hitoshi Saito the director also served as the men's representative of Japan died for bile duct cancer. Was 54 years old.


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