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Main news(2020/03/24)

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Germany Infected 20,000 people, 114 dead people.

2020-03-24 19:54:00
In Germany, more than 20,000 people are infected with the new coronavirus, but the number of deaths is 114, which is significantly smaller than in Italy and other countries. Experts and media have pointed out that they have a thorough examination system and medical system.


Considering schedule change for track and field world championship in August next year

2020-03-24 19:32:00
As the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games began to be considered, it was learned that the track and field international sports organization, the World Athletic Federation, is considering changing the dates of the World Championships scheduled to be held in the United States next summer. It is attracting attention as a movement for the postponement of.


More than 300,000 infected people worldwide increased by 40,000 from the day before

2020-03-24 19:20:00
The number of people infected with the new coronavirus has increased dramatically over the past few days, and the number of infected people has exceeded 300,000 worldwide. In countries and local governments where there are many infected people, we strictly control going out and are urgently strengthening our medical system to deal with the rapidly increasing number of patients.


Governor of Hyogo Prefecture Request for "self-control" with Osaka etc. Extend until 31st of this month

2020-03-24 19:18:00
In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Governor Ido of Hyogo Prefecture indicated that he would extend the request to refrain from unnecessary and unscheduled traffic between Hyogo and Osaka until 31st of this month.


IOC Prime Minister Abe and Chairman Bach to hold extraordinary meeting after telephone conference

2020-03-24 19:03:00
It was found that the IOC = International Olympic Committee will hold an extraordinary board meeting after a meeting between Prime Minister Abe and Chairman Bach at 8:00 pm Japan time.


17 new infections confirmed in Tokyo, the highest number for one day

2020-03-24 18:18:00
According to a person in Tokyo, it has been confirmed that a total of 17 new people have been infected with the new coronavirus. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced on the 23rd that the number of infections per day, which is the highest for 16 people, has been confirmed. One more person on the 24th, the highest number ever. Now 171 people have been confirmed infected in Tokyo.


LDP secretary, Mr. Satoshi Kawai, and two others prosecuted for violation of public election law

2020-03-24 15:06:00
In the case of an election breach by the Liberal Democratic Party's politician Kaori Sato, the Hiroshima Prosecutor's Office charged the secretary of the Satoshi with two charges for the acquisition of a campaigner who violates the Public Offices Election Law and invalidates the election of the politician himself. Filed a "100-day trial," which requires a prompt hearing for the application of the system.


China Wuhan blockade to be lifted on next month 8 new coronavirus

2020-03-24 14:31:00
Hubei Provincial officials have announced they will lift the city on April 8 next month, regarding measures to effectively block the city in Wuhan, Hubei Province, where the number of people infected with the new coronavirus is the highest in China. ..


Telephone conversation with Prime Minister Abe, Chairman of IOC Bach, announced by the government from 8:00 tonight

2020-03-24 13:23:00
While the IOC = International Olympic Committee is considering postponement of the Games over the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the government has announced that Prime Minister Abe will hold a telephone conversation with Chairman Bach from 8:00 tonight.


WHO「パンデミックは加速している」米で4万人超 深刻に

2020-03-24 13:02:00
While the spread of the new coronavirus has not stopped, the WHO = World Health Organization has acknowledged that the global pandemic "pandemic" is accelerating. In the United States, the number of infected people exceeds 40,000, the third largest after China and Italy, and in Hawaii, a popular tourist destination for Japanese people, a home waiting order is issued and it is in a serious situation.


What are the detailed contents of the "School Reopening Guidelines"?

2020-03-24 12:55:00
The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has prepared guidelines for the resumption of schools from the new semester based on the recommendations of the government's expert meeting. The detailed contents.


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