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Main news(2020/03/26)

Kyoto   Hakone

Downward revision of the government's economic judgment 6 years and 9 months

2020-03-26 19:19:00
The government released its monthly economic report this month and revised downward its judgment on the current state of the economy in response to the spread of the new coronavirus, saying that "there has been a significant downward pressure and it is in a difficult situation". The term "recovery" disappeared from economic judgment for the first time in 6 years and 9 months, and the government officially showed a severe view on the economy.


欧州21か国とイランからの外国人 入国拒否へ 政府

2020-03-26 18:50:00


Prime Minister Abe talks with Governor Koike from 8 o'clock tonight

2020-03-26 18:37:00
Prime Minister Abe will meet with Governor Koike of Tokyo on the night of the 26th, as the number of people infected with the new coronavirus is rapidly increasing in Tokyo. Based on the fact that the government has established a "Government Countermeasures Headquarters" based on the Act on Special Measures, it is expected that opinions will be exchanged over specific measures for the spread of infection.


Masks should increase production and imports Why are there still shortages?

2020-03-26 17:48:00
Mask production has increased significantly at the request of the government, and imports from China etc. are increasing, but supply cannot keep up with rising demand, even if it arrives at the store, it is sold out immediately and the mask shortage is still solved. Not.


Establishing an emergency headquarters based on the new Corona Special Measures Act enables "declaration of emergency"

2020-03-26 15:59:00
Given that the number of people infected with the new coronavirus is rapidly increasing in Tokyo, the government will set up a "Government Countermeasures Headquarters" on the afternoon of the 26th based on the special measures law that was enacted earlier, and hold a first meeting today. I am.


Stock price temporarily dropped by more than 1000 yen Concerned about economic impact due to request to refrain from going out

2020-03-26 15:38:00
On the 26th, the Tokyo stock market dropped in the afternoon due to concerns over the spread of the new coronavirus infection mainly in Tokyo on the Japanese economy, and the Nikkei 225 stock price temporarily dropped by more than 1,000 yen. Did.


Governor of Koike to go out to the neighboring four prefectures for cooperation

2020-03-26 15:06:00
In response to the rapid increase in the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo, Governor Koike of Tokyo said, "What I asked the Tokyo residents to do was almost the same as the request to the residents of the Tokyo metropolitan area." On the day, he discussed with the governors of the neighboring four prefectures and asked for cooperation in the self-restraint of unnecessary and urgent outings that the city has already called for.


Request for refraining from going out in Tokyo

2020-03-26 14:50:00
In response to the Tokyo metropolitan government calling for refraining from going out unnecessarily this weekend, department stores and supermarkets are rushing to consider what to do for stores in Tokyo.


New coronavirus domestic infection 1314 people (excluding cruise ships)

2020-03-26 14:19:00
According to local governments and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, 6 people were confirmed to be infected in Gifu, Hiroshima, Okinawa, and Fukui by 2:00 pm on the 26th. The number of people confirmed to be infected in Japan is 1314, including those who returned to Japan by charter aircraft. In addition, there are 712 passengers and crew members on the cruise ship, making a total of 2026 people. Forty-five people have died in Japan, and a total of 55 people, including 10 passengers on board cruise ships.


Tokyo Metropolitan High School, etc. to implement staggered school attendance and distributed school attendance

2020-03-26 12:05:00
To reduce the risk of students being infected with the new coronavirus, the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education will disperse school days for each school year for a while even after the new semester begins next month at public high schools, etc. We have decided to take measures to avoid school during the crowded time.


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