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Main news(2020/04/10)

Kyoto   Hakone

Request for holidays in Tokyo The department stores in Tokyo ...

2020-04-10 19:57:00
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has announced the types of business facilities and facilities that request closure, and as for commercial facilities, non-retail related stores with a total floor area of ​​more than 1000 square meters are subject to the closure request. Some department stores, according to the policy so far, will continue to be closed temporarily throughout the building, while some stores are considering opening only on the food floor.


"Aichi Kyoto Gifu Judgment that it is not in the stage of rapid increase" Economic Recovery Phase

2020-04-10 19:03:00
At the press conference, Nishimura Minister for Economic Revitalization said that Aichi Prefecture and Kyoto Prefecture requested that they be added to the target area of ​​the "Emergency Declaration", "Politics are arbitrary as to whether or not to target it." Experts make daily analyzes focusing on the number of infected persons, the speed of spread, and the healthcare provision system, and make appropriate decisions by listening to the opinions of the "Advisory Committee" experts. I want to do it. "


Infection spread at a welcome party for police chiefs About 120 people are waiting at home Kobe

2020-04-10 18:47:00
There were a total of 7 police officers infected with the new coronavirus at one police station in Kobe City, and it was revealed that 3 of them were attending the welcome party for the chiefs who were transferred at the end of last month. It was


Governor of Koike Governor's 6 business types Request for suspension of work, payment of cooperation money

2020-04-10 17:33:00
To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Koike has announced six business categories and facilities where the capital is requested to close. At the same time, it was clarified that the small and medium-sized enterprises who fully responded to the request, etc. would be paid a cooperation fee.


189 infected people in Tokyo confirmed the most new type of coronavirus in 1 day

2020-04-10 17:23:00
According to a person in Tokyo, it was confirmed on the 10th that 189 new people were infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo.


Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications simplifies the cash payment standard for 300,000 yen per household

2020-04-10 16:04:00
Regarding cash benefits of 300,000 yen to households whose income has decreased due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has simplified the standard and decided how much to decrease for each household size. For a three-person household consisting of a head of household and two dependents, this applies when the monthly income of the head of the household has dropped below 200,000 yen.


Police officers call out to refrain from going out in downtown area

2020-04-10 15:43:00
In response to the state's "Emergency Declaration", police officers will call out to those who are out in the downtown area as necessary to inform them of their refrain from going out.


Internet cafe Trouble to raise by requesting leave 4,000 overnight sleepers Tokyo

2020-04-10 15:36:00
In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Internet cafes etc. are requested to close, but stores that have people who sleep for various reasons such as no house to live will lose their place of residence if the store is closed I am worried.


Five children under the age of 10 were confirmed infected in Hokkaido New Corona

2020-04-10 15:16:00
On the 10th, Hokkaido announced that five people, including children under the age of 10, were newly infected with the new coronavirus in the Ishikari, Rumoi and Okhotsk Sea sides. Now there are a total of 231 infected people in Hokkaido.


Six business types / facilities Basically requesting suspension of business Governor Koike

2020-04-10 15:11:00
In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Governor Koike of Tokyo announced at a press conference about the six business categories and facilities that the city basically requested for closure, and provided a cooperation fee to SMEs that would be closed on request. Made clear that it will make payments, etc.


Kanagawa Tomorrow's request for leave "on the same standard as Tokyo" Governor Kuroiwa

2020-04-10 15:07:00
In response to the fact that Governor Koike of Tokyo has requested that six business categories and facilities be closed to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus from the 11th, he has expressed negative views on the request for leave. Governor Kuroiwa of Kanagawa Prefecture, who has said that he cannot keep pace with the capital, said, "If the country and the capital agreed, the target and the start time will be exactly the same as in Tokyo," He showed that he would turn around and request leave from the 11th.


Unique “Emergency Situation” Aichi Prefectural Governor's Meeting

2020-04-10 14:57:00
Governor Omura of Aichi Prefecture issued a press conference after issuing a "university declaration" unique to the prefecture due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and said, "I would like to ask for the awareness and action of each citizen of the prefecture." , I strongly urged the citizens to refrain from going out and moving unnecessarily.


Applause to all medical staff Every Friday at noon Fukuoka City Hall staff

2020-04-10 14:17:00
A staff member of Fukuoka City applauded all employees at noon on the 10th at noon on the 10th in order to thank the medical personnel who are at the forefront of the response to the new coronavirus.


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