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Main news(2020/04/12)

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Hokkaido and Sapporo City “Emergency Joint Declaration” Temporarily closed schools such as Sapporo

2020-04-12 19:18:00
Governor Suzuki of Hokkaido and Mayor Akimoto of Sapporo issued the "Hokkaido-Sapporo Emergency Joint Declaration", saying that the number of people infected with the new coronavirus tends to increase again, and Sapporo City from this month 14th to 6th next month I decided to temporarily close the elementary and junior high schools and high schools in the neighborhood, and the neighboring high schools in the neighborhood.


Chiba Prefecture Leave Request to Prevent Infection Spread From 14th Governor Morita

2020-04-12 19:16:00
Governor Morita of Chiba Prefecture has renewed the idea that the implementation will start from midnight on the 14th in connection with the request to leave the business on the 11th.


Tokyo confirmed 166 new infections, more than 2000 new corona

2020-04-12 17:49:00
According to a person in Tokyo, it was confirmed on the 12th that 166 new people in Tokyo were infected with the new coronavirus. With this, the number of confirmed infections in Tokyo exceeded 20,000 for the first time to 2068. As a general rule, the metropolitan government continues to ask people not to go out unless necessary for their daily needs such as shopping for food, and to take leave and shorten business hours.


Cyclone develops Tonight and after it will be devastated in the coastal areas of western Japan and Tohoku

2020-04-12 17:17:00
Due to the effects of a developing low pressure, wind and rain are expected to increase from the night of the western part of Japan to the northeastern part of the coast, resulting in a severe weather. Be careful of storms and high waves and be careful of heavy rain.


Sales of commercial facilities such as department stores and supermarkets

2020-04-12 14:54:00
Following the "Emergency Declaration", we are responding to department stores and commercial facilities in each region.


Hyogo Prefecture also requests the facility to request leave cooperation, decided after tomorrow Governor announced

2020-04-12 13:50:00
At the press conference, Governor Ido of Hyogo Prefecture, which is the subject of the "Emergency Declaration", said at the press conference that he was in the process of requesting facilities in the prefecture to take leave due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus. I made it clear. After the 13th, the prefecture's Countermeasures Headquarters Meeting will be held to make a decision, and the requested facilities will be aligned with Osaka Prefecture.


Posting the flow of people data on HP "Cooperation to reduce contact" Government

2020-04-12 13:49:00
In order to control the spread of new coronavirus infection, the government has begun efforts to post data showing the increase or decrease in the flow of people on its website based on the location information of mobile phones, etc. We would like to contribute to further cooperation of the people toward the 80% reduction.


First Sunday from "Emergency Declaration" Downtown downtown is quiet

2020-04-12 12:51:00
The downtown area of ​​central Tokyo, which celebrated the first Sunday after the government's "Emergency Declaration" was issued, is quiet because there are few people going there.


Domestic confirmation 6961 people 133 dead (excluding cruise ships) New Corona

2020-04-12 11:52:00
On the 12th, a total of 38 new infections have been announced so far, including 9 roads in Hokkaido and 9 in Hyogo prefecture, including 9 people. As of 3:00 pm on the 12th, the number of people confirmed to be infected in Japan was 6961, including those found by quarantine at the airport and those who returned to Japan by charter aircraft. In addition, there are 712 passengers and crew members on the cruise ship, totaling 7673 people. In addition, one new person died in Hokkaido, and the number of people who died was 133 people in Japan and 12 people on board a cruise ship, totaling 145 people.


Bucheon announcer infection confirmation of TV news station "news station"

2020-04-12 10:26:00
It was discovered that the male announcer, the main caster of the TV Asahi news program, "News Station," was infected with the new coronavirus.


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