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Main news(2020/04/19)

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New Corona Hotel in Yokohama accepting minors open to the press

2020-04-19 19:42:00
In order to prevent medical collapse due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the inside of the hotel in Yokohama City where Kanagawa Prefecture accepts mildly infected people from 20th has been opened to the press.


Tokyo newly confirmed 107 people confirmed new infection in 3082 people in Tokyo

2020-04-19 19:20:00
Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced on the 19th that 107 new people were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo. With this, more than 3000 people were confirmed infected in Tokyo, bringing the total to 3082.


Domestic infection confirmed 10,686 (excluding cruise ships) New Corona

2020-04-19 19:02:00
On the 19th, a total of 253 new infections were announced in 30 prefectures, including 107 confirmed infections in Tokyo. The number of people infected in Japan is 10,686, including those who were confirmed by quarantine at the airport and those who returned to Japan by chartered aircraft. In addition, there are 712 passengers and crew members on the cruise ship, which makes a total of 11,398 people. In addition, two people were killed in Hyogo prefecture and Okinawa prefecture, and one in Gifu prefecture and Gunma prefecture. 6 people died. 230 people were infected domestically and 13 people were boarding a cruise ship. There are 243 people.


Kanagawa Kamakura Call for refraining from visiting traffic jams along the coast

2020-04-19 18:52:00
To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, while self-restraint to go out was called for, traffic jams occurred along roads along the coast in the tourist resort of Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Local tourism associations have repeatedly called for refraining from visiting Kamakura via SNS and other means.


Recruitment of "darkness bytes" on SNS One after another New corona effect

2020-04-19 18:32:00
While the dissemination of the new coronavirus worsens the business performance of companies and the discontinuation of employment and the suspension of employment are occurring one after another, when writing for a job on SNS, there is a situation in which one is recruited by "dark bytes" such as wire fraud. I understand. Experts point out that "directly looking for a job on SNS may not be checked by a third party and may be involved in illegal work."


Fukui Prefecture Mask purchase ticket will be distributed to all households in the prefecture Up to 2 boxes of 50 pieces

2020-04-19 18:29:00
Fukui Prefecture has decided to distribute a voucher that can buy up to two boxes of 50 pieces to all households in the prefecture so that masks can be bought with confidence while masks are running out nationwide.


Parks in Tokyo Big data analysis at places where the number of people increased after an emergency was declared

2020-04-19 16:44:00
Big data analysis revealed that there are places where the number of people in the park in Tokyo is increasing even after the emergency declaration was issued on the 7th of this month, despite the call for self-restraint of unnecessary and urgent outings. It was


Hokkaido Newly confirmed 26 new infections New coronavirus

2020-04-19 15:35:00
Hokkaido and Sapporo announced yesterday that 26 new people were confirmed to have been infected with the new coronavirus.


"Delivery Day" Osaka Tennoji Zoo, closed, live feeding

2020-04-19 15:11:00
April 19th is a "breeding day" in terms of words. At Tennoji Zoo in Osaka, we live-streamed on the Internet how to keep children at home while keeping animals out and having fun with them.


Kawasaki 16 newly confirmed infections 30s to 80s New coronavirus

2020-04-19 15:04:00
Kawasaki City announced that 16 males and females in their 30s and 80s living in the city and Tokyo were newly confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus.


Korea New single-digit number of new infections per day New coronavirus

2020-04-19 12:35:00
The Ministry of Health and Welfare of South Korea announced on the 18th that eight new cases of the new coronavirus were newly confirmed in Korea. It is the first time in about two months that the number of new infections per day is in the single digits.


The ruling party “hurried 100,000 yen for uniform payment” Opposition “300,000 yen for households with reduced income”

2020-04-19 12:26:00
The NHK's "Sunday debate" over the economic measures affected by the spread of the new coronavirus showed that the ruling party rushed to make a uniform payment of 100,000 yen, while the opposition party had a decrease in income. We asked for realization of 300,000 yen benefits for households.


Message to Ken Shimura Accepted at the HP of Higashimurayama City, Tokyo

2020-04-19 11:44:00
In Tokyo Higashimurayama City, the birthplace of Ken Shimura, a comedian who died last month from pneumonia due to a new coronavirus, instead of removing the flower pedestal to prevent the spread of infection, we are beginning to work on receiving messages to Mr. Shimura on the city's website. It was


Expansion of emergency declaration First weekend weekend population Decreased mainly in metropolitan areas

2020-04-19 11:25:00
The data showing the population of the whole country on the 18th, the first Saturday after the target area of ​​the emergency declaration was expanded to the whole country, was collected. Compared to before the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it decreased significantly, especially in metropolitan areas, but the extent of the decrease also varies.


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