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Main news(2020/04/20)

Kyoto   Hakone

At least 10 people including prefectural and city council “Cash from Husband's previous law minister”

2020-04-20 19:24:00
At least 10 out of the members of the prefectural assembly in Hiroshima Prefecture, members of multiple city council members, and executives of the supporters' association in response to an election violation by the LDP member Satoshi Kawai's camp, responded to an arbitrary inquiry by the prosecution. According to an interview with NHK, he explained that he was given cash by the former Minister of Justice Katsuyuki. It seems that the prosecution is trying to clarify the actual situation, such as whether there was an intention to ask the cash to collect the votes.


Patients suspected of infection Multiple hospitals “difficult to accept” More than 1300 cases this month

2020-04-20 19:16:00
There are a number of cases in which emergency transportation of patients suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus cannot be accepted, and there are more than 1300 cases within the 18th month of this month in Tokyo, which is difficult to accept. As a result, I was told that I was refused by multiple hospitals. It means that it has already exceeded the number of cases last month.


100,000 yen uniform payment Cabinet decision Improve utilization of my number card

2020-04-20 19:01:00
Regarding the “emergency economic measures” decided on the 7th of this month, the government decided to pay 100,000 yen per person for all citizens instead of 300,000 yen for households whose income decreased. I decided to review the contents that I was supposed to pay.


Domestic infection confirmed over 11,000 dead 251 (excluding cruise ships)

2020-04-20 18:57:00
On the 20th, a total of 234 new infections were announced in 25 prefectures, including 102 confirmed infections in Tokyo. The number of people infected in Japan is 10,411, including those who were confirmed by quarantine at the airport and those who returned to Japan by chartered aircraft. In addition, the total number of passengers and passengers on the cruise ship is 712, which is 11,573. In addition, 3 people died in Hokkaido, 2 in Gunma, Kanagawa and Hyogo, and 1 in Aichi, Toyama, Fukuoka and Kochi prefectures. There were 251 people who made the cruise, and 13 people on the cruise ship, making a total of 264 people.


Tokyo confirms 102 new infections, 3184 in Tokyo new corona

2020-04-20 18:55:00
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced on the 20th that it has confirmed that 102 new people in Tokyo have been infected with the new coronavirus. With this, the total number of people confirmed to be infected in Tokyo was 3,184.


Tamao Akae "Who cares for children?" The new corona was infected by a couple.

2020-04-20 17:39:00
Free announcer Tamao Akae, who was revealed to be infected with the new coronavirus for both husband and wife, announced a note with anxious feelings, `` Who should take care of the child, '' if the parents are infected, I'm attracting interest.


Tomorrow's mask to mail order Sharp 1 box per person for the general public

2020-04-20 17:01:00
Sharp, a major electronics manufacturer that has begun producing masks, will start selling masks to the general public on the 21st. It is said that it will be sold only on one box per person on Mizuno's online mail order site.


Corona inspection kit Started selling for corporations Rakuten

2020-04-20 15:28:00
Rakuten has announced that it has begun sales of a new coronavirus test kit for corporations. I would like to see it as a reference when a company decides whether to make an employee wait at home, without making a medical diagnosis to confirm the presence of infection.


Over 150 years ago, a long-established bento store in front of Kabukiza is closed

2020-04-20 15:05:00
The well-established bento store, which is located in front of Tokyo Kabukiza and has been established for more than 150 years, will be closed on the 20th due to the new coronavirus.


Going out self-restraint Tateyama To study a large number of cities around Okinoshima Chiba Chiba

2020-04-20 14:29:00
In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, many people visit the area around Okinoshima, a tourist attraction in Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, on Sunday 19th, while the call for refraining from going out continues. .


Public secretary of the LDP representative, Satoshi Kawai

2020-04-20 13:55:00
The first trial of a public secretary accused of buying a campaigner who violated the Public Offices Election Law was held in the Hiroshima District Court in the case of an election violation by the Liberal Democratic Party's politician Satoshi Kawai's camp, and the secretary reserves whether to accept the prosecution content Did. The secretary's lawyer has indicated his intention to reveal the denial after the next time.


100,000 yen benefit "Income tax and personal residence tax will be exempted" Chief Cabinet Secretary

2020-04-20 12:50:00
At the press conference on the morning of 20th, Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga said, `` The amendment of the supplementary budget plan requires a simple mechanism to promptly and accurately change the situation, as the declaration of an emergency will require all the people to bear various burdens such as refraining from going out. In order to provide support to the above, instead of the one household with a limited benefit of 300,000 yen, the target was expanded to all citizens and 100,000 yen per person was provided. I want to explain it. "


Domestic infection confirmed over 10,000 people 238 dead (excluding cruise ships) New Corona

2020-04-20 11:59:00
On the 20th, three new infections were announced in Yamagata Prefecture so far, and the number of people confirmed to be infected in Japan was 10,810, including those who were confirmed by quarantine at the airport and those who returned to Japan by charter aircraft. Have become people. In addition, there are 712 passengers and crew members on the cruise ship, which makes a total of 11,522 people. In addition, the number of people who died in Japan is 238, and the number of cruise ship passengers is 13, which makes a total of 251 people.


"You can't concentrate at home" Rental space is popular New Corona Saitama

2020-04-20 11:47:00
While home-based work is spreading due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the space for renting telework in Saitama City is becoming more popular, and there are places where measures are being taken, such as limiting the number of people who can accept it.


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