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Main news(2020/04/22)

Kyoto   Hakone

Domestic infection confirmed 11,905 people (excluding Yokohama Port cruise ships) New Corona

2020-04-22 19:57:00
On the 22nd, 363 new infections were announced nationwide so far, including 132 confirmed infections in Tokyo. The number of confirmed infections in Japan is 11,905, including quarantine at airports. In addition, there are 712 passengers and crew members on the cruise ship, for a total of 12,617 people. In addition, 11 people died nationwide, including the deaths of 3 people in Kanagawa and Chiba prefectures. Among those who died, 294 were infected in Japan, and 13 were cruise ship passengers, totaling 307 people. is.


Bank of Japan Monetary Policy Meeting shortened to one day Unusual measures to prevent infection

2020-04-22 19:43:00
The Bank of Japan has decided to shorten the schedule for the monetary policy meeting, which was scheduled to take place over the next two days, to one day next week. Shortening the schedule is an extraordinary measure to prevent the deliberative committee members and BOJ executives attending the meeting and considering monetary policy from being infected with the new coronavirus.


Crash of crude oil The collapse of related companies and the economic and political instability of oil-producing countries

2020-04-22 19:32:00
Experts familiar with the energy situation are cautious about the decline in global crude oil prices, as a sharp decline in prices could lead to the collapse of oil-related companies and the economic and political instability of oil-producing countries.


Two-Week Declaration of Emergency Situation "Need more effort" Prime Minister New Corona

2020-04-22 19:12:00
Two weeks have passed since the declaration of an emergency, and Prime Minister Abe urged him to reconsider his actions, assuming that the people's efforts were even more necessary. Urged to cooperate with the refraining from going out, such as "on-line homecoming" by having a video call.


Newly confirmed coronavirus in Tokyo with 132 newly confirmed infections totaling 3439

2020-04-22 19:05:00
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced on the 22nd that 132 new people in Tokyo have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. Now there are a total of 3439 people confirmed to be infected in Tokyo.


Mask access suspended due to flooding with sharp access New Corona

2020-04-22 18:39:00
Sharp started selling masks on its own online shopping site on the 21st, but it is postponing the sale on the 22nd because access was flooded and users could not buy it. I want to resume acceptance as soon as the improvement work of the system is over.


80% reduction in contact points "10 points" New corona shown by expert meeting

2020-04-22 17:48:00
A document titled "10% reduction in contact with people, 10 points" was presented at a governmental expert meeting, calling on the public to revisit their daily lives in order to further reduce contact opportunities. The policy was explained.


Downward revision of JAL earnings forecast Final profit fell 43% of forecast

2020-04-22 15:39:00
Japan Airlines, a major airline, was affected by the spread of the new coronavirus and revised its forecast for the whole group for the past year to last month, and the final profit was 43 billion yen from the previous forecast of 93 billion yen. Announced that it will decrease by 53% to 53 billion yen. The reason is that the company said that due to the influence of entry restrictions in various countries around the world due to the spread of infection and the refraining from going out in Japan, the demand for both international and domestic flights has dropped sharply since February.


Local highways Not discounted during major holidays Announced by companies New Corona

2020-04-22 15:30:00
In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, highway companies such as NEXCO East Japan announced that they will not apply holiday discounts to local highways during the long holiday period starting from 29th of this month. On top of that, we are calling for refraining from unnecessary and urgent movements that cross prefectures such as homecoming and traveling.


Sale of Japanese confectionery of "Ambie", a youkai that protects people from the plague Hakodate Corona

2020-04-22 15:29:00
Amid the ongoing spread of new coronavirus infections, a Japanese confectionery store in Hakodate, Hokkaido, has begun selling the Japanese confectionery "Amabie", a youkai that is said to protect people from epidemics.


"Drive-through method" PCR inspection started Tokyo Edogawa Corona

2020-04-22 15:28:00
Amid the spread of new coronavirus, Tokyo Edogawa Ward opened a "drive-through method" center for collecting PCR test samples in a car and started operation from 22nd.


PCR test "for peace of mind" New coronas one after another

2020-04-22 13:56:00
A number of people who are requesting PCR tests instructed by their boss at the workplace said that they would like to have a new coronavirus certificate, and medical personnel said, "Because it is a person who really needs it, refrain from unnecessary consultation. I want you to do so ".


New Corona “Customers are crowded at supermarkets” Tokyo will consider correspondence

2020-04-22 12:18:00
Governor Koike of Tokyo is urgently accused of congestion due to the large number of customers visiting supermarkets, etc., while the city requested thorough refraining from going out due to the spread of the new coronavirus. I showed the idea to consider the correspondence.


33 cruise ships at Nagasaki Port confirmed infection cluster outbreak new corona

2020-04-22 12:01:00
It is possible that one of the crew members of foreign nationality had been infected with the new coronavirus on the inside of a large cruise ship that had been repaired at Nagasaki Port and was moored without passengers. When a crew member with a disease was examined, 33 new infections were confirmed. In Nagasaki Prefecture, etc., seriously ill people will be accepted at medical institutions and urgent measures will be taken to prevent further spread of the infection.


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