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Main news(2020/07/24)

Kyoto   Hakone

[Domestic infection] Infection confirmation on the 24th Newly 771 people (11:00 pm)

2020-07-24 23:15:00
So far, 771 people have been confirmed to be infected in 32 prefectures such as Tokyo and Osaka prefecture on the 24th. Two deaths were confirmed in Kyoto and Saitama prefectures. The number of confirmed infections in Japan was 290,22 including quarantine at the airport, and 712 passengers and crew on the cruise ship, for a total of 29,734. A total of 1007 people have died: 994 infected in Japan, 13 passengers on a cruise ship.


Yokohama Tsuzuki Ward A bus collided in front of a subway station killed an 8-year-old boy

2020-07-24 22:12:00
On the afternoon of the 24th, in front of a subway station in Yokohama, a local bus collided with an 8-year-old boy who was riding a bicycle, and he was taken to a hospital but died. Police arrested bus drivers on the spot on suspicion of negligent driving injury and are investigating the situation of the accident in detail.


Fireworks launched all over the country in line with the original opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics

2020-07-24 21:50:00
If there was no postponement due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games was scheduled to be held from 8 pm on the 24th. At this time, the Japan Youth Chamber launched fireworks at various locations in collaboration with fireworks companies throughout Japan.


"Also announce the name of the restaurant where an infected person has occurred."

2020-07-24 21:18:00
In the midst of a series of new infections confirmed by the new coronavirus, Minister for Economic Rehabilitation Nishimura said at a press conference that he would not take sufficient infection control measures in order to strengthen the measures against restaurants and restaurants that provide entertainment. If there is an infected person, he indicated that he would consider publishing the store name based on the Infectious Disease Law.


Kagoshima Yoron Island Cluster on an island with a population of 5000

2020-07-24 20:12:00
In the remote island of Kagoshima, Yoron Island, a series of new coronavirus infections have been confirmed. Mayor Yoron issued an urgent message to strongly call for refraining from visiting from outside the island, and the Governor of Kagoshima also requested the SDF to dispatch disaster victims and continued to transfer infected people. The tense response continues.


Heavy rain in many parts of western Japan

2020-07-24 15:50:00
Heavy rains are occurring in various parts of western Japan due to the influence of front lines and low pressure. Heavy rain may occur in western Japan on the 26th and in eastern Japan on the night of the 24th to the 26th, and the Japan Meteorological Agency is calling for caution against sediment-related disasters and river floods.


Nagoya confirmed 38 new infections New Corona

2020-07-24 15:25:00
According to Nagoya City, as of 3:00 pm on the 24th, it was confirmed that 38 new people were infected with the new coronavirus.


Notification of US Consulate General in Chengdu, China

2020-07-24 15:00:00
The Chinese government has announced that it has notified the U.S. side to close the U.S. Consulate General in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in response to the U.S. government's order to close the Consulate General of China in Houston, Texas. Deterioration is becoming more serious.


Former Chairman Ghosn Escapes Remittance of about 53 million yen to a suspect helped by his son

2020-07-24 14:30:00
Former chairman of Nissan Motor Company, Carlos Ghosn, has been arrested by an American suspect who was arrested for allegedly helping him escape in a case of escape to Lebanon in the Middle East. Under "Assets", it was found that about 53 million yen worth of Japanese yen had been transferred.


Major League starts about 4 months late with no audience Affecting the new Corona

2020-07-24 13:56:00
The Major League, which had been postponed due to the new coronavirus, started the match against the Yankees and the Nationals on the 23rd, about four months behind the original schedule.


South Korea President dissatisfied with economic policy after being disapproved for the first time in 4 months

2020-07-24 13:35:00
According to a Korean poll, 48% of the respondents said they would not support President Moon Jae-in, and “no support” exceeded “support” for the first time in about four months. While real estate prices have continued to rise while exports have fallen sharply due to the spread of the new coronavirus, it reflects growing dissatisfaction with the Moon government, which has failed to put in place an effective economic policy.


ALS patient contract murder case Exchange on SNS for about a year ago

2020-07-24 12:30:00
In the case where two doctors were arrested for administering and killing a drug at the request of a woman with an intractable disease in Kyoto city, a SNS exchange between a woman who wanted euthanasia and a doctor had started about a year ago Was found during interviews with investigators. It is the policy that the police will investigate further because there is a suspicion that detailed exchanges were repeated with individual messages that can not be seen by third parties.


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