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Political News(2013/01/05)

Kyoto   Hakone

"Also land raising auxiliary review" Ota diplomatic relations phase

2013-01-05 17:35:00
Ota Minister of Land, Infrastructure, local umbrella up construction of land you have visited Kesennuma City, visited Miyagi Prefecture for the first time after taking office, was subsidence in the earthquake, that not only observed some auxiliary business of the country now we showed the idea that there is a need for receiving the request, to discuss within the government for the review of auxiliary business.


"To continue in the affected areas subsidies" Amari economic recovery phase

2013-01-05 12:12:00
The meeting with Murai governor to visit Miyagi Prefecture for the first time after taking office, Amari economic recovery minister, also 25 fiscal new year Heisei, subsidies when small and medium-sized companies do business jointly in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake we showed the idea to consider positively that to continue.


Emergency economic measures next week adjustment earnest

2013-01-05 05:57:00
Towards the regeneration of the economy listed in the most important issues, next week, open to the 8th the first meeting positioned as a playmaker of economic policy of "Japanese economic revival headquarters", the next day the 9th, the government, not opened in the Democratic Party It has decided to resume such was the "Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy", to full-scale adjustment of the emergency economic measures.


Japan-Korea dialogue challenges handling of arson problem

2013-01-05 04:54:00
Abe Prime Minister's policy is that towards the improvement of Japan-Korea relations, next month, to visit Korea himself and to consider, to advance the dialogue with the new government, but doubt that it was arson to Yasukuni Shrine is no since it is determined by the South Korean side over the custody of Chinese man has is unacceptable, such as the handling of this issue is going to be a challenge.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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