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Political News(2013/01/08)

Kyoto   Hakone

Without reduction of the allocation tax labor costs mind

2013-01-08 21:22:00
Representatives of six organizations, such as local National Governors Association met with the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Shindo, about the account for local allocation tax in the new year - 2013 fiscal year budget, "district has implemented administrative reforms over the country already" as, It was requested that you do not perform the reduction in mind the labor costs of local officials.


Intention of Prime Minister Okinawa promotion budget ensure

2013-01-08 20:29:00
The meeting with Nakaima governor of Okinawa Prefecture for the first time after taking office, for budget on Okinawa promotion of 25 fiscal year, Prime Minister Abe showed the idea to strive to be able to secure a 300 billion yen about the same as this year.


Publish the first meeting of the cabinet at the beginning of this year

2013-01-08 17:09:00
Abe Cabinet was released to the press, at the beginning of the first cabinet meeting of Shi that as "I want to deepen the understanding of the general public and to the Cabinet system and management of the Cabinet", was opened in the Prime Minister's official residence.


Meeting between the ruling and opposition parties in the abduction issue lawmakers phase abduction measures

2013-01-08 16:35:00
In post-cabinet meeting news conference, in order to strengthen the posture toward the resolution of the abduction issue with North Korea, under the abduction issue headquarters of the government as members all ministers, Furuya abduction issue minister, parliamentarians of the ruling and opposition parties But I showed the idea of ​​providing a conference to join.


I rush legislation in thickness labor minister regenerative medicine

2013-01-08 15:42:00
At a press conference after the cabinet meeting, for regenerative medicine using such as iPS cells, Tamura, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare showed the idea of ​​rushing the legislation to ensure the safety of the treatment.


Check the close cooperation with Japan and the United States, such as the Senkaku issue

2013-01-08 14:32:00
Morning the 8th, and talks on the phone with Panetta Secretary of Defense of the United States, for such as missile launch de facto by North Korea and issues surrounding the Senkaku Islands of Okinawa Prefecture, Onodera Minister of Defense supports Japan and the United States is working closely I have confirmed the policy to go.


The protest to Ambassador in China's territorial waters surveillance ship intrusion

2013-01-08 13:48:00
In post-cabinet meeting news conference, the 7th, about what marine monitoring vessels of China has entered the territorial waters of Japan for a long period of time, but Chief Cabinet Secretary, as "unacceptable and regrettable indeed" off the coast of the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture It said, it was revealed that the call to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs HodoHisashi Hana Ambassador of China, was protest.


Check the economic revival headquarters emergency economic package outline

2013-01-08 12:19:00
Abe administration was open the first meeting of the "rebirth of the Japanese economy Headquarters", "be converted into virtuous cycle" of the creation of wealth and "growth from the distribution policy" and "balanced contraction, to regain a strong" economy "" or , I have confirmed the gist of the emergency economic measures.


On the scale of the 20 trillion yen over emergency economic measures

2013-01-08 11:54:00
For public works is the center, in expected to be measures of large more than 20 trillion yen in operating expense base and adjust the burden of such local government, emergency economic measures of the government, construction bonds all about financial resources missing I have a firm policy to cover the publication of.


And recorded in the correction, such as the Ministry of the Environment pollution rice straw processing

2013-01-08 07:26:00
The Ministry of the Environment, recorded Island approximately 80 billion yen as a supplementary budget for this fiscal year, such as maintenance cost of the facility in Fukushima Prefecture, which is the development base of decontamination technology and assistance to local governments in the process of rice straw contaminated with radioactive material were.


Also adjustment difficulties of its own, public in multiple tax rates introduced

2013-01-08 04:58:00
Introduction of multiple tax rates at the stage of pulling in 8% consumption tax rate has become one of the focus brought this one home for the new fiscal year, the tax reform Charter 25 fiscal year, as should be introduced Komeito even if it targeted items Whereas there, there are many objections within the LDP, the adjustment to difficulties are also expected.


Outline proposal of emergency economic measures clearly

2013-01-08 04:25:00
gist of emergency economic measures was such as "regain a strong" economy "is converted to a virtuous cycle" of the creation of wealth and "growth from the distribution policy" and "balanced contraction" towards the revival of the Japanese economy that Abe was compiled Anne became clear. Then, eight days, we have that at the first meeting positioned as a playmaker in the economic policy of the "rebirth of the Japanese economy Headquarters", check this policy, to organize a supplementary budget for this fiscal year.


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