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Political News(2013/01/12)

Kyoto   Hakone

Talks with Foreign Minister Kishida Brunei Foreign Trade Minister

2013-01-12 21:36:00
In Brunei, who is the chair country of ASEAN = Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and met with Mohammed Foreign Trade Minister, about the sovereignty issue of the islands of the South China Sea and the issues surrounding the Senkaku Islands of Okinawa Prefecture, Kishida Foreign Minister, peaceful resolution with China agreement was recognized that to achieve that important.


"I correct the financial resources of the economic measures" Hosono Mr.

2013-01-12 20:47:00
Told reporters, said, "should not leave only dipped in future exacerbate excessive financial" for emergency economic measures by the government cabinet decision, Hosono secretary general of the Democratic Party funding measures in the Diet in Tokushima Prefecture Mima we showed the idea to go Tadashi severely.


"Watch multiple tax rate discussion" Prime Minister Abe

2013-01-12 20:16:00
Told reporters, as the low-income measures due to the increase in the consumption tax rate, for multiple tax rates reduce the tax rate, such as grocery, Prime Minister Abe is, a match between the New Komeito and the "Liberal Democratic Party in the Miyagi Prefecture Watari-cho I said that because I think it is not aware. to become the thing to go to discuss for a while still, as a government, and "I want to watch the debate.


"The best to rebuild lives" in the Prime Minister Abe affected areas

2013-01-12 19:19:00
I visited the Miyagi Prefecture affected by the disaster in the Great East Japan Earthquake, and visited and temporary housing and planned site of the population transfer of residents shed housing in tsunami, Prime Minister Abe will work at full power as government towards the reconstruction of life of residents I have emphasized the idea.


Course of Nakaima governor after surgery good

2013-01-12 16:40:00
10 days, 11 day and night, and underwent surgery to remove gallstones, Nakaima governor of Okinawa Prefecture hospitalized with acute cholecystitis, is that The postoperative course that's good and depends on the province. It has to be about the time of the public service return and discharge, it is determined by looking at the course of the future in the province.


The cautious introduction of multiple tax rate in April Minister Amari next year

2013-01-12 16:13:00
Told reporters, as the low-income measures due to the increase in the consumption tax rate, for multiple tax rates reduce the tax rate, such as grocery, Amari economic recovery minister, 8% consumption tax rate Komeito argues in Tokyo we showed a cautious attitude to the introduction from April next year to raise to.


"Aim Okinawa promotion budget topper" Yamamoto Minister

2013-01-12 12:12:00
Met with Uehara deputy governor of Okinawa Prefecture in Naha, the budget related to Okinawa Promotion new year (2013 fiscal year), based on the needs of Okinawa Prefecture side, such as the expansion of Naha Airport, Yamamoto Okinawa northern minister, the budget request I showed the idea that aims to top up from 300 billion yen more than the total amount that incorporates.


Description thought of finding prefecture moved to Okinawa Prefecture executives rice

2013-01-12 09:36:00
For relocation issue to Nago American military Futenma base, and met with representatives of the United States government executives Okinawa Prefecture visited Washington, the posture of the Okinawa Prefecture in this issue as not changed even become LDP , I explained the idea of ​​going to seek relocation to outside the prefecture of the base continue.


Consider, such as estimates of public emergency economic stimulus measures

2013-01-12 06:03:00
As there is a need for urgent economic measures that the Cabinet decision on the 11th, to appeal that consideration also be criticism that such as "It's lavish handout" is out of the opposition, you are using effectively the tax, government, individual We are looking and that it publish it through finely calculated the economic effects of the business.


To exchange views with before lawmakers in the Democratic national executive

2013-01-12 05:50:00
In response to the defeat of the House of Representatives election, two days from 12 days, Hosono secretary general and visiting the Shikoku, the future, the Democratic Party, the party management and officials of local organizations and before lawmakers were defeated executives to visit all over the country We decided to dodge the opinion on such, it is thought that you want to connect to the rebuilding of the party towards the House of Councillors election.


To the special envoy dispatched to Prime Minister NATO

2013-01-12 04:57:00
Among the security environment in East Asia, such as trends in China and North Korea has become increasingly severe, next week, and dispatched a special envoy of themselves to NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization, to the Secretary-General Rasmussen, Prime Minister Abe, Japan It has decided to send a letter to calling for strengthening cooperation with NATO.


Also how to read the warning in talks Hashimoto and Mr. Abe

2013-01-12 04:11:00
About what the 11th, Prime Minister Abe has met with Hashimoto acting president of Nihon'ishin'nokai, such as Your Party and the Democratic Party, from the opposition of the other, aim to promote the division of the opposition in advance of the Upper House election this summer pointed out the influence that might appear in electoral cooperation perspectives and that vigilance that there is, depending on the trend of the meeting of the Restoration has come out.


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