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Political News(2013/02/02)

Kyoto   Hakone

To enhance the readiness of Prime Minister territorial waters security

2013-02-02 21:00:00
Prime Minister Abe visited Okinawa Prefecture, showed the idea to enhance the readiness of the territorial waters security visited the 11th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters in Naha, which is hitting the waters guard the waters around the Senkaku Islands, and to deploy a large patrol boat were.


Mr. Kaieda Democratic governor of the Bank of Japan will not judge from

2013-02-02 17:11:00
Told reporters, for successor personnel of Shirakawa Governor of the Bank of Japan, it is said, "not only .... born", Kaieda representative of the Democratic Party, shows the idea of ​​appointing Treasury born who opposed last time also does not exclude in Utsunomiya directly below.


Okinawa burden the prime minister and US military deterrence maintain

2013-02-02 16:38:00
Prime Minister Abe visited Okinawa Prefecture for the first time after his appointment is, met with Nakaima governor, said "It's a basic policy of the Abe administration within to maintain the deterrence of the United States Army, is to reduce the base burden on Okinawa" in terms, for the Futenma base, I showed the idea of ​​aiming the relocation to Henoko in Nago on the basis of the agreement with the United States government.


The SDF personnel encouragement to China in mind Prime Minister Okinawa

2013-02-02 12:19:00
The 2nd, visited Okinawa Prefecture for the first time after taking office, to the members, in mind China to promote the marine advance, life and property, Abe Prime Minister, the territory of the people, "I also spearheaded in Naha base of the Self-Defense Forces, It said "he determined to defend resolutely territorial waters, airspace, was encouragement.


Do take time compiling new Democratic Platform

2013-02-02 04:53:00
It brought this one home for the Democratic Party a new "mission statement", from the party, one of the opinion that we should incorporate the political beliefs that conflict-axis and the Liberal Democratic Party becomes clear, even dissatisfaction with the fact that the need for constitutional amendment has not been described It is out, that put together towards the Party Congress this month that the executive is aiming to take time also is expected.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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