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Political News(2013/03/18)

Kyoto   Hakone

1.5 times the education expenditure GDP ratio

2013-03-18 22:03:00
For education-related spending of national and local, level is lower than a "major industrialized countries, which is an advisory body to the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Group of the Central Council for Education = Central Education Council, challenges the weight of the education expenses of the household as "he, it has put together a draft report that asks to increase to about 1.5 times the now the percentage of GDP = gross domestic product.


Yamaguchi representative constitutional amendment is the discussion over time

2013-03-18 21:31:00
In terms of Yamaguchi representative of New Komeito lecture in Kyoto, for constitutional amendment that Prime Minister Abe has shown a willingness, and said, "Do not Ogo~tsu to say support rate of the Cabinet is because high", a broad consensus in order to achieve, we showed the idea should be discussed over time.


In medical technology strategic industries and pharmaceuticals

2013-03-18 20:57:00
In order to promote such practical application of regenerative medicine using iPS cells, the innovation of state-of-the-art medical field, the 18th, to open the meeting of experts in the Prime Minister's official residence, Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary, government, medical technology and pharmaceuticals I have emphasized the idea to focus positioned as strategic industries, to foster.


Palace measures chamber Chinese ship territorial waters intrusion

2013-03-18 19:24:00
From the fact that that evening the 18th, ocean surveillance ship of China has entered into Japanese territorial waters off the coast of the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture has been confirmed, it is installed in a Crisis Management Center of the Prime Minister's Office Government "information communication chamber Switch to the "official residence Response Office" and "we hit the warning and information gathering to strengthen the posture.


Collect information TPP comprehensive strength exercise

2013-03-18 19:18:00
In the House of Representatives Budget Committee, while for TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, hit the negotiations with other countries by installing the "chief negotiator", Prime Minister Abe, etc. also exploit information grab lawmakers in contact with the legislators abroad we showed the idea to work on information gathering that over the negotiations and to demonstrate the comprehensive strength of the country.


To report to the United Nations Security Council resolutions violation

2013-03-18 18:54:00
The government, the United Nations Security Council to understand that there is a possibility that the bar of aluminum alloy found in cargo ship in August last year, entered the port in Japan via China from North Korea, is diverted to parts of nuclear-related materials It went into the procedures that as a violation of the resolutions of the meeting, and to report to the United Nations.


Concerned about the landings auxiliary equipment sale agreement Buddha to China

2013-03-18 14:33:00
At a press conference in the morning, for that for China, defense companies of France had signed an agreement to sell the device for assisting helicopter is to landings on the ship, but Chief Cabinet Secretary that it conveyed the concern to the French government I was in the clear.


"It does not change it to protect territorial waters"

2013-03-18 13:05:00
At a press conference in the morning, for it shows the attitude of the new leadership of China will strengthen the claim for such as the Senkaku Islands of Okinawa Prefecture, in the future, but Chief Cabinet Secretary to defend territory, the territorial waters of Japan as "resolutely I said, "does not change at all.


Negotiations in conjunction with the Prime Minister TPP ruling party

2013-03-18 12:20:00
In the House of Representatives Budget Committee, about the negotiations of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, Prime Minister Abe has emphasized the idea of ​​strategy-making aimed at securing national interests is as important, facing the negotiations ruling party both in cooperation.


Help focus that lead to investment and trade foreign minister

2013-03-18 06:27:00
Kishida Foreign Minister who visited Ethiopia to discuss the Africa support measures a press conference in the field, in the TICAD = Conference on African Development opened in Yokohama in June, and come up with a focus on support that lead to the promotion of trade and investment by the private sector I showed the idea.


Or adjustment difficulties or can be combined electoral system ruling party proposed

2013-03-18 06:06:00
In the review of the electoral system of the House of Representatives, and summarizes the ruling party proposal was also this week, and such as distributed to party with low percentage of votes for 60 seats did on reducing the constant of proportional representation, the Liberal Democratic Party-New Komeito Party talks to Democrats We decided to call, but we have Democrats and so on confusing, it is expected to adjust to difficulties.


To chief negotiators determined by the TPP Council of Ministers

2013-03-18 05:28:00
In order to establish a system in accordance with the negotiating partners of the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, the government has decided to open the first meeting of the Council of Ministers also this week, to determine hits the negotiations with other countries the "chief negotiator".


Also difficult steering in relation to the democratic union

2013-03-18 04:44:00
Within the DPJ Whereas have to reform the constitution of the party that Hosono secretary general is dependent on the "Union", and you want connected to the realization of electoral cooperation with such Nihon'ishin'nokai in the Upper House election, centered on lawmakers close to Union concern and repulsion are out, scene sought a difficult steering is also likely to have executive.


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