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Political News(2013/03/19)

Kyoto   Hakone

The original estimate Hokkaido TPP loss

2013-03-19 22:09:00
Hokkaido, if you participate in the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, beat and be replaced by cheap imports all, the loss of the agricultural sector of the province amounted to approximately 1 trillion 600 billion yen, employment of 112,000 people is lost , today announced the estimates of its own that was like.


3 party talks in Your Party electoral system review

2013-03-19 16:38:00
In the review of the electoral system of the House of Representatives, did on criticism as "confusing" for Ann Liberal Democratic Party put together, Eda secretary general of Your Party is the correspondence by performing the secretary general meeting with Nihon'ishin'nokai and the Democratic Party this week has shown the idea that you want to discuss.


It also recommended to the 28th House of Representatives proposed sectioning

2013-03-19 16:00:00
At the meeting of the 19th, and firm policy to review the sectioning of the 42 electoral districts of 17 prefectures, council of government towards the correction of disparities of one vote of the House of Representatives election, review the sectioning of small constituencies, on the 28th of this month I have verified that also make recommendations to the Prime Minister Abe amendments of sectioning.


The right to vote can have Komei guardian

2013-03-19 15:49:00
For decision of the Tokyo District Court, which can be around the "adult guardianship", was "the provisions of the Public Offices Election Law to lose voting rights guardian is get to violate the Constitution," said, we ask that you do not appeal to the government, New Komeito, guardian so as to allow the right to vote and can have, and it was confirmed that the aim of the revision of the law in parliament now.


I seek cooperation in the democratic electoral system review

2013-03-19 14:32:00
At a meeting of the Political Reform Promotion Headquarters of the Democratic Party, and want to hurry a review of the electoral system of the House of Representatives, in the future, to the opposition of the other, such as Your Party and Nihon'ishin'nokai, Okada before Deputy Prime Minister, who is this director, 75 constants I showed the idea to seek the cooperation of the Democratic Party to the proposal to reduce.


"Municipality opposite of Okinawa whole" Henoko relocation

2013-03-19 12:23:00
Local government and discuss and economic promotion measures of Okinawa "Okinawa Policy Council" is opened for the first time since the inauguration of the Abe administration, Nakaima governor of Okinawa Prefecture, Nago Henoko along the agreement between Japan and the United States the American military Futenma base we showed the idea to plan to relocate, municipality of Okinawa that the whole are opposed.


Appointment decision of the Bank of Japan government new president from

2013-03-19 11:19:00
Cabinet meeting of the 19th, the government has decided that any appointed in the 20th with a Nakaso Mr. Hiroshi Iwata and Kikuo Mr. Vice President Kuroda east 彦氏 original Asian Development Bank president to the new president of the Bank of Japan .


Impact of concern to the organization making Ishin delay upper house election

2013-03-19 05:19:00
Nihon'ishin'nokai will not rush the development of local organizations in Osaka except towards the House of Councillors election in the summer, there is a party headquarters, but Tokyo Hyogo only not been established yet, the 30th of this month more than half at the prospect that inaugurated delayed until after the Party Congress, concern that could affect the election from within the party also has come out.


To job interviews conducted in prisons and reformatory

2013-03-19 04:26:00
In addition, as part of efforts to support the rehabilitation of inmates, and in cooperation with 7 companies headquartered in and Osaka, inmates are to accept another job interview in a facility of reformatory or prison, the Ministry of Justice, parole It was decided to begin the effort to get working in part-time job after you.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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