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Political News(2013/04/13)

Kyoto   Hakone

I rush to pension records aging relief consider

2013-04-13 22:32:00
That there are people who prescription which was the so-called pension records problem, and not be paid only the past five years in some cases is or may not be applicable, does not receive the pension amount of the original becomes clear, and Tamura Welfare Minister of Labour showed the idea of ​​rushing to consider remedies.


Defense Minister and Foreign Minister PAC3 visit

2013-04-13 16:31:00
Amid that they will behave North Korea can take the preparation of ballistic missile launch, Onodera defense minister and Kishida Foreign Minister has visited the troops of the interceptor missile of the Self-Defense Forces and aligned. Then, it was confirmed that every effort to ensure the monitoring and vigilance, and to seek the self-restraint to North Korea in cooperation with the United States.


Firing but blocked by the Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan-US alliance

2013-04-13 16:14:00
For that at a meeting in Yokohama, it is showing signs that North Korea can take the preparation and ballistic missile launch, but Chief Cabinet Secretary said, "by exercising deterrence by the Japan-US alliance, to protect the lives and safety of the people," said so that North Korea is deterred the launch, we showed the idea to continue lobbying in conjunction with the United States.


The instructions to collect the prime minister damage information

2013-04-13 07:06:00
In response to the earthquake, the government has established the official residence Response Office in Crisis Management Center of the Prime Minister's Office. The Crisis Management Center, Furuya Disaster Management Minister Kan and Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yonemura crisis management audit from enters, we have hit the grasp of such damage and contact with the local governments of the local. And that completeness in the collection and verification of damage information, if there are victims, Prime Minister Abe was instructed to raise the best to rescue. Told reporters at the Prime Minister's official residence, but Chief Cabinet Secretary "There is no information significant damage that came out so far. No abnormalities in primary. Continue, hit the warning and information collected in the center Yonemura crisis management audit" I said. Told reporters, there are no reports that there is some damage to the "water, a failure that have come up, such as telephone and gas, the life line of the other. Furuya Disaster Management Minister in order to understand the situation on the ground in the Prime Minister's Office , it was said was dispatched to Awaji Island Nishimura Vice Minister of the Cabinet Office, which is responsible for disaster prevention. from Prime Minister Abe, and "there was instructed to do their best to understand the situation of the damage.


Official residence Response Office installation damage information collection

2013-04-13 06:05:00
After you have installed the official residence Response Office in Crisis Management Center of the Prime Minister's Office in response to the earthquake, the government has hit the collection of information, such as damage.


Adjustment of packed to July participation TPP

2013-04-13 05:13:00
In response to that prior consultation of the United States and Japan, which has been a focus of the maximum can be around the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement was reached an agreement, the Government of Japan, towards participation in the negotiation meetings also carried out in July We decided to rush to adjust the stuffing in prior consultation with and Canada that do not consent to participate in negotiations Japan yet.


Starting offense and defense in the ruling and opposition parties sectioning review bill

2013-04-13 04:55:00
For the bill to review the sectioning of small constituencies that towards the disparities of one vote of the House of Representatives election, the government submitted, Whereas have prompted opposition makes a ruling and opposition parties consultations on review of the electoral system before the deliberation into , the ruling party, a policy of giving priority to containing deliberation of the bill, the battle between the ruling and opposition parties have begun.


Meetings held next month of the Environment Minister of Japan, China and South Korea

2013-04-13 04:43:00
That next month, meeting the top of the environmental administration in Japan, China, South Korea to discuss, such as air pollution problem, be held in Kitakyushu was decided. This time, Japan ministers of China if realized, will be the first time in September last year, the Japanese government from nationalizing the Senkaku Islands.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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