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Political News(2013/04/27)

Kyoto   Hakone

The expansion of public expenditure to the thickness labor minister medical expenses for the elderly

2013-04-27 22:04:00
considered among Tamura Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare to speak at Tsu, aging rapidly, in order to be sustainable the public health insurance system, that it is necessary to expand the public expense for the medical expenses for the elderly I showed.


Political parties participating in the event net campaign before

2013-04-27 18:03:00
Before election campaign using the Internet to be lifted from the Upper House election in the summer, each party to participate in the events by video sites the country's largest, and will gather the interest of young people a lot of opportunity to use the Internet, the booth was PR with open or debate or to exhibitors.


The question the sustainability of Mr. Kaieda Abenomikusu

2013-04-27 14:17:00
In terms of economic policy to greet May Day center convention of Union, promoted by Prime Minister Abe, for the so-called Abenomikusu, it was pointed out that "I doubt whether there is a sustainability", Kaieda representative of the Democratic Party, the policy that was standing on the labor side Toward the realization of, we have emphasized the determination to aim the recovery of Tosei in the Upper House election.


To economic recovery in the prime minister resource diplomacy

2013-04-27 06:52:00
In the wake of Russia and the Middle East visit from the 28th, Prime Minister Abe is thought to promote such as infrastructure and export diversification of suppliers of energy resources, you want to connect to the revival of the Japanese economy, which itself is listed.


Terrorist training in hostage incident report public-private joint

2013-04-27 05:50:00
In response to the hostage situation that occurred in Algeria, experts meeting of the government has compiled a report seeking such as that as there is a need to review the way of information sharing of the public and private sectors, to perform the training of the joint on crisis management and counter-terrorism .


Pros and cons of New Komeito Constitution Article 96 amendment or difficult

2013-04-27 04:13:00
Komeito has to be received and that it shows the idea of ​​aiming the relaxation of requirements for constitutional amendment Abe Prime Minister to amend the Article 96 of the Constitution, to summarize the views of the party, but that we should be flexible While some opinion, views cautious also many, that you come up with pros and cons that it is difficult even come out.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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