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Political News(2013/05/10)

Kyoto   Hakone

Prime Minister Kawaguchi dismissed opposition criticism Tour

2013-05-10 22:52:00
For the AC site on the Internet, in the pages of their own Facebook, Kawaguchi before the House of Councilors environment chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party has been dismissed, Prime Minister Abe is, to protect the national interest that Kawaguchi has extended the stay of the visit to China as such it was important to, I have criticized the response of the opposition side.


Confluence study of Abe lawmakers Green Metropolitan

2013-05-10 22:08:00
Abe Tomoko member of the House of Representatives, has revealed that it as such can be matched by basic policy, such as breaking away from society a press conference at the National Assembly in, depends on the nuclear power plant, was offered the confluence against Midorinokaze.


"Not that it was in fact the negation of aggression," Chief Cabinet Secretary

2013-05-10 21:49:00
At a press conference in the afternoon on the 10th, in conjunction was expressed deep remorse for its colonial rule and aggression in the past, so-called "Murayama discourse", but Chief Cabinet Secretary, even once that it has denied the fact of "aggression It said "no, we have reiterated the idea that as the Abe Cabinet, will take over the historical recognition of successive Cabinet.


The concern and objection to the operating body wide area of ​​National Health Insurance

2013-05-10 21:16:00
Social Security Council, an advisory body to the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, received that were generally consistent in the opinion national meeting of the government that we should be broadening in each prefecture the operating body of national health insurance, such as self-employed persons to join I opened the Group Te, but now that the concerns and objections also been issued, we will continue to discuss.


There is no need to change the prime minister pension plan

2013-05-10 17:35:00
In the House of Representatives plenary session, for the pension system has become one of the agenda in the social security system reform National Council of Government, Abe Prime Minister said, "the current system has been designed to balance the equilibrium in 100 years," said , I showed a recognition that there is no need to alter fundamentally the system now.


It should not be in Yamaguchi representative Article 96 issue

2013-05-10 17:17:00
Yamaguchi representative of the New Komeito lecture in Nagoya, in terms that emphasize the careful thought that for the amendment of Article 96 of the Constitution for the National Assembly to make it easier to initiative a constitutional amendment, to be amended in advance from the provisions of other summer It was shown by the recognition that should not be the issue in the Upper House election.


The relaxation of the benefits in terms of childcare leave

2013-05-10 16:17:00
At a press conference after the cabinet meeting, for the system of benefits to be paid from employment insurance to childcare leave during the period, forest declining birthrate minister should be relaxed the conditions so that they can receive benefits even working more than 10 days a month I showed the idea that.


"Described in the historical recognition of polite prime minister"

2013-05-10 14:33:00
At a press conference, in relation to that concern to the historical perception of Prime Minister Abe has been shown in the report of the United States Congressional Research Service, Prime Minister Abe that inflicting damage and in Asian countries Inoue, secretary general of New Komeito has shown the idea and as are consistent with recognized, that we should be carefully explained to China, South Korea and the United States.


The letter of resignation submitted to lawmakers next week Ishikawa Tomohiro

2013-05-10 13:21:00
In response to that in the incident over the political funds of Ozawa of the party of life, was sentenced to conviction with probation from the Tokyo High Court earlier, Ishikawa Tomohiro member of the House of Representatives of the new party the earth, as such want to concentrate on trial , I have firm intention to submit a letter of resignation lawmakers next week.


Ruling and opposition parties agreed on adult guardianship amendment

2013-05-10 11:29:00
Because people there are guardian in "adult guardianship" from the House of Councillors election of summer to be able to vote, and that they aim the establishment of amendment of the Public Offices Election Law in the National Assembly today, 10 party ruling and opposition parties, agreed in outline .


I listen to the experts of Article 96 of the Constitution amendment

2013-05-10 06:35:00
Amendment of Article 96 of the Constitution that defines you are Prime Minister Abe wants to issue in the Upper House election in the summer, such as the requirement that the National Assembly to the initiative constitutional amendment. The Constitution Committee of the House of Representatives that is open to the 9th, while 7 party there are committee members expressed the opinion, Nihon'ishin'nokai LDP and shows a positive attitude to the amendment, and preceding the Article 96 from political parties other The idea of ​​opposite positions and prudent to be amended by was shown. I heard on the constitutional expert for amendment of Article 96.


Manifest Democratic "strawman"

2013-05-10 06:06:00
The Democratic Party, that is summarized in the manifest of the Upper House election in the summer the "starting point", and criticized the economic policies promoted by Prime Minister Abe, with the aim of surplus in the primary budget balance = primary balance in fiscal 2020 by advancing and expenditure reform I has incorporated such.


To adjust the limit to 9 million yen axis free of annual income

2013-05-10 05:12:00
For virtually free of tuition of high school Democratic Party regime was introduced, and then want to take advantage of the resources, such as the establishment of a new benefit scholarship, Ministry of Education, providing the income limit to the axis 9 million yen in annual income of the household I have entered an adjustment in the direction.


Adjust the rescue flying boat India exports of MSDF introduction

2013-05-10 04:12:00
If you are promoting the adjustment in the direction to export to India rescue flying boat made in Japan you have introduced in the Maritime Self-Defense Force, the government, China to strengthen cooperation with India in the background, revitalize the movement of ocean expansion I seen a thing, which is also aimed to restrain.


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