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Political News(2013/05/12)

Kyoto   Hakone

Constitution view of Hashimoto's Liberal Democratic Party is dangerous

2013-05-12 20:11:00
In helping told reporters, for constitutional reform debate within the Liberal Democratic Party, it was pointed out, "is too strong out the exercise of public power, dangerous," said Hashimoto joint representative of Nihon'ishin'nokai is the difference between constitutional view of the Liberal Democratic Party For clarity, we showed the idea of ​​rushing the discussion of the future within the party.


"I ask all means such as economic policy in the Metropolitan Assembly election"

2013-05-12 19:16:00
In helping told reporters, for Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly elections next month which is the prelude of the Upper House election in the summer, it is assumed that the positioning that conforms to national elections in Sendai visited, Abe Prime Minister, promoted by Abe Cabinet I showed the idea want to question the propriety of such economic policy.


"Deterrent to North Korea" exercise participation of the United States aircraft carrier

2013-05-12 15:30:00
Told reporters, about things such as the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier of the United States Navy to perform regular exercises with South Korea Navy, that the American military is increasing its presence in the East Asian region, Onodera Minister of Defense, provocation in Hokkaido Yakumo I showed the recognition that become deterrent against North Korea not destroy the attitude basis.


"Wording change study of Murayama discourse" Mr. Takaichi

2013-05-12 14:05:00
Told reporters, expressed deep remorse for its colonial rule and aggression in the past, about the so-called "Murayama discourse", Takaichi Parliamentary investigation chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, a new prime minister in the year after next 70 years after the war in Fukui If the discourse is issued, I showed the idea that we should consider changing the wording of Murayama discourse such as "invasion".


And visited the Prime Minister of Onagawa tsunami

2013-05-12 12:11:00
Prime Minister Abe has emphasized the idea of ​​visiting to visit Miyagi Prefecture Onagawa was devastated by the tsunami during the Great East Japan Earthquake, we are working on reconstruction in cooperation with local authorities.


Material viewed in Zushi city council tablet

2013-05-12 06:56:00
Kanagawa Prefecture Zushi now that you digitized materials distribute to legislators at the city council, to start from next month the efforts that have them viewed on tablet devices.


Cooperation in the economic, security and government Africa

2013-05-12 04:16:00
Next month, the TICAD = Conference on African Development to open in Yokohama City, announced a policy such as to support the counter-terrorism in each country based and the promotion of investment in Africa of Japanese companies, the hostage crisis in Algeria, the government safety and economy You are going to want to see strengthen cooperation with Africa in terms of both security.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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