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Political News(2013/05/15)

Kyoto   Hakone

FY2013 budget Heisei established

2013-05-15 23:01:00
Year = 25 fiscal budget Heisei, has been rejected in the Upper House, but through a joint committee of both Houses of representatives of both houses of the Diet, in the House of Representatives plenary session, Ibuki House of Representatives Chairman, and the Diet voting of the House of Representatives in the provisions of the Constitution and sentenced to become, was established.


Met with the entourage of Iijima first secretary

2013-05-15 22:01:00
Reportedly the 15th, Isao Iijima Cabinet Secretariat participation that have visited Pyongyang and met with Kim Young-il secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea is one of the entourage of Kim Jung Eun first secretary, state media of North Korea, abduction I seen those discussions rammed including the problem has been made.


LDP Kitagawa said in the Upper House environment committee chairman

2013-05-15 20:53:00
That the successor of Kawaguchi former Foreign Minister of the Liberal Democratic Party were to extend the China stay without obtaining the approval of the National Assembly, was dismissed the Upper House environment committee chairman, Kitagawa Issey member of the House of Councilors of the Liberal Democratic Party takes office is, the Upper House plenary session of the 15th I was decided in the.


Establishment to 15 days during the current fiscal year budget

2013-05-15 19:47:00
Year = Following the House of Councillors Budget Committee, FY2013 budget Heisei, has been rejected by the opposite number of the opposition side in the Upper House plenary session, but from the fact that a resolution of the House of Representatives is a priority in the provisions of the Constitution, the 15th It has become a carry which is closed in the middle of the night.


The "problem raised not tolerate" Mr. Hashimoto

2013-05-15 19:22:00
Told reporters, remarks of his own over the issue of so-called comfort women, I must confess that I myself did not tolerate the "comfort women, why only Japan that whether receive special criticism Hashimoto joint representative of Nihon'ishin'nokai It said such "matter raised, we expand the theory so as to be superimposed.


Also talks if Prime Minister abduction resolved lead

2013-05-15 17:02:00
In connection with that in the Upper House Budget Committee, Iijima Isao Cabinet Secretariat participation are visiting North Korea, as long as it leads to the resolution of the abduction issue, Abe Prime Minister summit with Kim Jung Eun first secretary of North Korea I showed the idea to consider talks.


To the "reduction sale prohibited" enactment of a bill

2013-05-15 16:22:00
In around the bill that incorporates the prohibition of the consumption tax reduction sale, New Komeito and the LDP, it 3 Party of the Democratic Party, modified to be to be "limited to those that are clearly associated with the consumption tax", the sale of which to ban It was a prospect that you agreed to carry out the bill will be passed in the National Assembly today.


To debate the ruling and opposition parties in the aperture constant reduction

2013-05-15 15:18:00
Officials of the electoral system of ruling and opposition parties met, opinion has been exchanged for the review of the electoral system, including the constant reduction of the House of Representatives, but the gap is large and brought this one home for you and whether review fundamentally the system now, the future it was decided to carry out the discussion will focus on the constant reduction.


To avoid the visit of Prime Minister mention Iijima

2013-05-15 12:16:00
Did on "It's no comment", Prime Minister Abe is thinking, which aims to complete resolution of the abduction issue in the attitude of dialogue and pressure for that in the Upper House Budget Committee, Iijima Isao Cabinet Secretariat participation are visiting North Korea I have emphasized the.


"Efforts to reduce the burden on base," Chief Cabinet Secretary

2013-05-15 12:09:00
At a press conference in the morning, based on the fact that Okinawa is returned to the mainland, it is '41 in the 15th, as the Abe administration, but Chief Cabinet Secretary, has emphasized the idea that efforts to the promotion of regional and mitigation of the base burden.


If you do not care about Mr. Takamura to Article 96 of the preceding amendment

2013-05-15 11:44:00
Amendments, Takamura vice president of the Liberal Democratic Party has shown the idea that does not stick to be amended in advance from the provisions of the other 96 Article for Parliament to facilitate the initiative to amend told reporters.


Or met with Iijima Cabinet participation North Korea Foreign Ministry officials

2013-05-15 06:13:00
The observed Iijima Isao Cabinet Secretariat participate who served as the private secretary of Koizumi former Prime Minister is visiting the capital Pyongyang in North Korea, shall be met with executives of the North Korean Foreign Ministry, North Korea is how to around the abduction issue interest has been gathered to indicate whether such correspondence.


I spread concern in the Meiji Restoration in the Hashimoto remark

2013-05-15 05:15:00
For that Hashimoto joint representative of Nihon'ishin'nokai is, to around the problem of the so-called comfort women, showed a recognition system of comfort women that was necessary at that time, while there is also express understanding of opinion within the party, concern that inevitable impact on the House of Councillors election in the summer is spreading.


LDP to child poverty measures bill submitted

2013-05-15 04:28:00
The summary of the bill was to promote the anti-poverty measures of children, and so on oblige the government to formulate a Charter incorporating and doing job assistance for parents, submitted by lawmakers in the National Assembly today, the Liberal Democratic Party in opposition We decided to aim the establishment by calling for consultations.


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