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Political News(2013/06/13)

Kyoto γ€€ Hakone

7 Party Shu Constitution Review Board opinion

2013-06-13 21:26:00
The Constitution Committee of the House of Representatives, at the prospect that substantive discussions in the Diet now is last in the 13th, 7 party ruling and opposition parties there are committee to Review Board, for and how to proceed with constitutional debate and future pros and cons of constitutional amendments I have expressed the opinion, respectively.


Criticized Mr. Hashimoto "hidden ball trick election"

2013-06-13 20:51:00
At a press conference, in mind, such as flight training new transport aircraft of the United States Army "Osprey", about the attitude of the government and the Liberal Democratic Party for the House of Councillors election, Hashimoto joint representative of Nihon'ishin'nokai is all that important in this state " was criticized do it the House of Councillors election by hiding, and "will be" hidden ball trick election ".


"Agreement difficulty of the current Diet session" constant reduction

2013-06-13 18:53:00
Officials of the electoral system of 9 Party ruling and opposition parties met, for the review of the electoral system, including the constant reduction of the House of Representatives, for gap is large on the idea in each party between, Hosoda, secretary general behalf of the Liberal Democratic Party, leading to the agreement in the Diet now we showed the idea of ​​is difficult and that want to continue consultations after closing.


Consumption tax hike frozen green pledge

2013-06-13 18:09:00
Midorinokaze announced the commitment of the House of Councillors election, and that it as "creating a society in harmony with no gap", to freeze the increase in the consumption tax rate, and that up to 2023, to undertake decommissioning in the nuclear power plant of all has incorporated.


Amended law established to "guardian system" abolition

2013-06-13 16:17:00
Amended Mental Health Act, which was a pillar to be abolished oblige their families of persons with disabilities and be subjected to a necessary medical care to persons with mental disabilities a "guardian system" is, in a majority in the House of Representatives plenary session of the 13th has passed-established.


Bill passed the House of Representatives to the power liberalization

2013-06-13 14:42:00
Amendment of the Electricity Business Act that is required to power system reform, such as "separation of shipping power" and "full liberalization of the retail of power" that is to choose freely the contractor of electricity, the House of Representatives of the 13th at home passed by the plenary session, it was sent to the House of Councillors.


No qualification talk about diplomacy to Prime Minister Tanaka Hitoshi

2013-06-13 04:17:00
Page of their own social networking site on the Internet of "Face Book", for Tanaka Hitoshimoto Deputy Foreign Minister, Prime Minister Abe is, and was urged to send back in accordance with the requirements of the North Korean abduction victims of five who returned in 2002 It pointed out that, it was criticized "qualified to talk about diplomacy he is not," he said.


Kyoto γ€€ Mt.Fuji

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