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Political News(2013/06/18)

Kyoto   Hakone

Match, such as G8 terrorism measures and poverty eradication

2013-06-18 21:24:00
The 18th of the second day, discussion is made about the "fight against terrorism" is G8 Summit = major nations summit meeting being held in the United Kingdom, to lesson the hostage incident that occurred in Algeria in January this year, maintaining security agreement was that towards the eradication of poverty and improvement of the capacity, it will strengthen its support to such countries of North Africa.


Anti-bullying bill net write also subject

2013-06-18 21:13:00
Amid issues surrounding bullying successive, 6 party ruling and opposition parties, was the school conducted a survey in the case of serious damage occurs students and get hurt, and such mandate to convey to parents from the facts I was submitted to the House of Representatives a "bullying prevention measures promoted bill".


I put together a draft commitment of democratic upper house election

2013-06-18 20:47:00
At a meeting of the "Cabinet next", and compiled a draft of commitments = manifest of the House of Councillors election, "increasing the thickness of the intermediate layer's revival of true in Japan" as, Democrats as well as carry out tax reforms to help small and medium-sized enterprises, such as that to tackle the drastic reform of social security, such as the creation of a minimum guaranteed pension has been incorporated.


Tour discussion "fight against terrorism" G8

2013-06-18 19:42:00
Leaders of countries exchanged views with around the "fight against terrorism", the Prime Minister Abe, G8 Summit = major nations summit meeting being held in the United Kingdom-Northern Ireland, working in such as North Africa terrorist incident spate You will be seen as that towards the safety of foreign companies, called for cooperation in each country.


"Measures strengthening of young generation" suicide White Paper

2013-06-18 13:58:00
The decision of this year the "suicide measures White Paper" in the Cabinet of the 18th, the government, has become a serious situation suicide of a young generation of what was below 30,000 for the first time in 15 years the number of people who committed suicide last year , I have pointed out the need to strengthen measures.


Tobei in Asia Pacific Director North Korea corresponding consultation

2013-06-18 12:53:00
For liaison three countries Japan, the United States and South Korea to respond to, such as the North Korean nuclear issue, the 18th morning, Sugiyama Asia Pacific director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was leaving for Washington.


About 600 million 30 million yen spending Secretariat secret funds

2013-06-18 12:02:00
The government, clearly that in a written answer that the Cabinet decision on the 18th, for the so-called secret funds in the Cabinet Secretariat, in about half a year Abe administration from was launched in December last year, approximately 600 million 30 million yen has been spending were.


Adjust Syria international conference held in G8 declaration

2013-06-18 11:18:00
G8 Summit = major nations summit meeting has been held in England, Northern Ireland, and that it discussed the Syrian situation civil war followed, with the aim of early international conferences representatives of both the rebels and the Assad regime to participate , it was decided to proceed with the adjustment in the direction to incorporate the summit declaration.


Russian Foreign Minister to visit Japan in territorial negotiations accelerated

2013-06-18 09:21:00
Order to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, to accelerate the Northern Territories negotiations, Prime Minister Abe has visited the United Kingdom and North Ireland was agreed that in the autumn of this year, Lavrov Foreign Minister to visit Japan.


The concern about the financial situation of the German Chancellor Japan

2013-06-18 06:58:00
Abe Prime Minister has attended the G8 Summit = major nations summit meeting has been held in England, Northern Ireland, and met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Chancellor Merkel Whereas showed concern about the financial situation in Japan , Prime Minister Abe has emphasized the idea to tackle fiscal restoration.


The concern and welcome the G8 Abenomikusu

2013-06-18 05:20:00
Discussion that over the "world economy" is performed G8 Summit = major nations summit kicked off in the UK, Northern Ireland, Prime Minister Abe Minister, expressed the idea that you will contribute to the growth of the world economy steadily implementing the growth strategy were. On the contrary, while the intention to welcome generally has been shown, that opinion concerned about the impact of monetary easing large-scale of Japan and the United States has on the world economy was also issued from the leaders of each country.


The 2 women regime attitude emphasized vice ministerial

2013-06-18 04:10:00
The firm policy that such as prospective the Muraki Atsuko social and cover director to deputy secretary of the new Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, to appoint two women to the permanent secretary-class post of central government ministries and agencies, Abe administration, boost actively "working women" I seen that there is aim emphasize the attitude of the regime to be.


Expect to shale gas export of Canadian Prime Minister

2013-06-18 01:37:00
And met with Prime Minister Harper of Canada before the opening of the summit, Prime Minister Abe that attended the G8 Summit = major nations summit meeting has been held in England Northern Ireland, to Japan of Canadian of "shale gas" Whereas showed the expected exports, Prime Minister Harper has shown a positive attitude.


Agreed to strengthen cooperation in the Anglo-Japanese security

2013-06-18 00:46:00
G8 Summit = major nations summit, kicked off in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland. It was agreed formally, such as that before this, Prime Minister Abe performs a summit meeting with Prime Minister Cameron of the United Kingdom, to strengthen cooperation in the security field, we will proceed with joint development of defense equipment.


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