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Political News(2013/07/10)

Kyoto   Hakone

The apology reconstruction Agency information management Futettei

2013-07-10 22:30:00
For 10 day and night, and a press conference, it was using the services of Google Inc., part-time employees can share email, Okamoto supervising officer Reconstruction Agency, had been in a state where anyone seen documentation of reconstruction-related that is not open to the public in general about it, as was led to distrust in information management, we apologized.


Employment policy criticism of democratic Abe administration

2013-07-10 21:52:00
Kaieda representative of the Democratic Party, criticized the island to soapbox in Yokohama City, relaxed regulations and to spread was limited and job or work location so-called "limited full-time", Abe administration, and are trying to worsen the working environment were.


Person who is guardian straw poll

2013-07-10 21:25:00
In the House of Councillors election, in response to a person you have a guardian in the "guardian system" also will be able to vote, in Tokyo Komae, mock vote to confirm such procedures when accepting the poll was conducted .


To internal information browsing Response Meeting held

2013-07-10 18:20:00
At a press conference, the issues in the service of Google Inc., can share the mail, had been in a state of internal information of the Ministry of the Environment can be viewed by anyone, it is said, "is out of the question", to all the ministries, but Chief Cabinet Secretary, similar In addition to direct the investigation if there are any incidents, the 11th, we showed the idea to open a meeting of the government measures.


To encourage the foreign minister Middle East peace talks resume

2013-07-10 04:17:00
It has been decided to visit Palestine and Israel later this month, for the Middle East peace talks that have stalled, from the standpoint of maintaining good relations with both, Kishida Minister of Foreign Affairs has decided to encourage the resumption of negotiations.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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