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Political News(2013/07/17)

Kyoto   Hakone

The forces mobilize alternative to Ozawa LDP

2013-07-17 20:27:00
Ozawa of the party of life, showed the idea for a press conference at the Japan Foreign Correspondents' Association, to achieve again the change of government, and restructuring the political arena after the House of Councillors election, wanting aimed at bringing together the forces to replace the Liberal Democratic Party were.


And visited the ASDF base of Prime Minister Miyakojima

2013-07-17 17:08:00
The 17th, visited Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture, visited the base of the Air Self-Defense Force, which is hitting the vigilance and monitoring of the surrounding airspace with radar, to the members, in the chest and pride "confidence, Abe Prime Minister Kenji of the sovereignty of our country I was encouraged to be "I want to do my best for.


Without concessions even one step in the Prime Minister Senkaku

2013-07-17 14:13:00
The 17th, after having visited the Ishigaki, Okinawa Prefecture, was encouragement crew patrol boat of Ishigaki Maritime Safety Agency, which corresponds to vigilance such as the Senkaku Islands near Okinawa, Prime Minister Abe performs a soapbox, definitely "Senkaku Islands As I mentioned thought that concessions for even one step in the territory of Japan-specific and "not.


Early voting stations across the country's first university

2013-07-17 13:18:00
In the Upper House election, and Engaging Our vote of the young generation university students, the 17th, for the first time in the nation, early voting locations is provided in the university city of Matsuyama, and students have come to vote.


Cooperation identified in terrestrial digital broadcasting of Botswana

2013-07-17 12:56:00
17, met with Masisi Executive Office of the President Public Policy Minister of Botswana in southern Africa that have visited Japan, towards the spread of digital terrestrial television broadcasting in Japan scheme this broadcast begins nearby Botswana, Shindo Minister two countries It was confirmed that it will continue to cooperate.


Adjusted in talks with Defense Minister IAEA chief

2013-07-17 04:18:00
To fend off an opinion by around the nuclear issue of North Korea, Onodera Minister of Defense, we are adjusted in the direction you want to visit Austria in late this month, meeting with Amano, Secretary General of the IAEA = International Atomic Energy Agency.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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