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Political News(2013/08/24)

Kyoto   Hakone

18% NPO activities is "want to participate"

2013-08-24 23:00:00
Poll by the Cabinet Office, while for the NPO, you answered close to 90% as "know", the person who answered "I think I want to participate in the activities" was stay in the 18%.


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Bahrain arrival summit

2013-08-24 22:23:00
21:00 of the 24th Japan time, visit the first country in the Middle East and Africa visit, arrived in Bahrain, after this, Prime Minister Abe has decided to meet with Prime Minister Khalifa.


Starting to Prime Minister Middle East Africa visit

2013-08-24 12:48:00
Morning the 24th, Abe Prime Minister, was starting to Djibouti visit African countries and the Middle East 3. Prior to departure, between the countries, it is possible to build a comprehensive cooperative relationship, Prime Minister Abe showed the idea to seek cooperation in Tokyo bid and Paralympic Summer Olympics in 2020.


Your Party intraparty appeasement is the challenge

2013-08-24 04:25:00
In response to that that for Kakizawa Mito member of the House of Representatives who submitted the defection notice to Your Party, had asked Watanabe representative leaves the party has become clear, in the party, and the voice of concern for party management of the Watanabe are also out, it is going to be a challenge is whether the aim how the party harmony.


Embassy to new countries and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 6

2013-08-24 02:43:00
Order to strengthen and support the overseas expansion of Japanese companies, the posture of ensuring the safety of Japanese, in addition to providing the embassy new six countries such as Bhutan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a policy to increase the personnel stationed overseas.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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