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Political News(2013/08/27)

Kyoto   Hakone

It does not specify the Japan Teachers' Union political party

2013-08-27 22:43:00
In regular convention opened in Kanagawa Prefecture, without clearly Democratic Party, the Social Democratic Party which has been listed as a political party so far, JTU = Japan Teachers' Union is supporting cooperation with a policy feasible political forces stand liberal a "democratic has adopted a policy exercise that was to be "Building.


Second day consumption tax increase hearing

2013-08-27 22:02:00
The government, the 27th "intensive inspection meeting" of the second day over the increase in the consumption tax rate, economic and financial was hearing opinions from nine economists such as university professors and professional.


SDF encouragement of Prime Minister piracy

2013-08-27 21:46:00
The visit to Djibouti of eastern Africa, Prime Minister Abe that have visited the Middle East and Africa, has encouraged members from the Maritime Self-Defense Force, which are dispatched for Somariaokinokaizoku measures.


To unify adjustment for World Heritage nomination

2013-08-27 19:44:00
Experts meeting of the government, decided to aim to register with the World Cultural Heritage in 2015, I would recommend the "industrial revolution heritage of Meiji Japan" with a focus such as Yawata Works of Fukuoka Prefecture, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Kyushu and directly below. On the other hand, the Commission of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, has already decided the recommendation of the "Christian heritage Churches and Nagasaki", the future, the adjustment toward unification within the government is done.


Budget request of 30 trillion yen extra past maximum ministry

2013-08-27 17:56:00
From the fact that by the aging of the population, social security costs and pension and health care increases, budget request for the next fiscal year, 2014 fiscal year budget of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, 30 trillion 560 billion yen over the past largest requested amount of general accounting became.


To consider measures to protect the elderly with dementia

2013-08-27 17:25:00
At a press conference after the cabinet meeting, in order to examine the comprehensive measures to protect the elderly with dementia has increased, Tamura, the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare has shown that to be established near the meeting of the relevant ministries.


Leave for Djibouti Prime Minister Abe

2013-08-27 16:29:00
Pm Japan time, Prime Minister Abe that his visit to Africa and the Middle East, such as the Maritime Self-Defense Force to be facing the countries visited third, to Djibouti in East Africa starting Kuwait, are dispatched for Somariaokinokaizoku measures We decided to visit the activity base of.


To ¥ 9.1 million high school free of income limit

2013-08-27 14:35:00
And a 9.1 million yen in income for a household standards of income restrictions you brought this one home for a review of virtually free of high school tuition, Parliamentary investigation chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party-New Komeito Party talks, to introduce from next year, financial resources generated by this income It was agreed to devote to reduce the burden of education expenses for households of low.


"Appropriate handling" Barefoot Gen

2013-08-27 13:43:00
At a press conference after the cabinet meeting, and brought this one home cartoon "Barefoot Gen", Matsue City Board of Education, and "reasonable to withdraw" the request of viewing restrictions you had to go to elementary and junior high schools Shimomura, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister In relation to that it was, I said, "I hope the appropriate handling also in consideration of the developmental stages of children and students in each school."


"The discussion in the consumption tax rate within the party" Ishiba Chief Secretary

2013-08-27 13:15:00
At a press conference, and brought this one home for you whether you raise in April next year in accordance with the law the consumption tax rate, said, "place to discuss the concept of as LDP's necessary," said the future, Ishiba secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party, Tax Commission of the Party has shown the idea that want an opportunity to discuss, such as.


Shimane ministry of record heavy rains damage investigation

2013-08-27 12:32:00
In Hamada and Gotsu of Shimane Prefecture major damage came out in heavy rain record until the 25th, emergency disaster response detachments of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, has conducted a survey of the damage situation, such as landslides.


Strengthen relationships confirmation to secure a stable supply of oil and Kuwait

2013-08-27 05:46:00
Amid the early morning of the 27th (Japan time), and met with Jabiru Prime Minister, procurement cost of fuel rises, towards securing a stable supply of oil, Prime Minister Abe has visited Kuwait, relations between the two countries, including the terms of security If you with to confirm that you want to strengthen, by any chance, the nuclear accident has occurred in the neighboring countries of Kuwait, was told the idea of ​​Japan to cooperate in such decontamination.


To strengthen cooperation with Ukraine in the nuclear power plant accident response

2013-08-27 05:04:00
Kishida Foreign Minister has visited the Ukraine, cooperation between the two countries by around the response to the nuclear accident, such as promoting a plan that met with Kojara Foreign Minister, to investigate jointly the diffusion status of radioactive material released in an accident of nuclear power plant matched by going to further strengthen the relationship.


Tax increase is also discussed in the Liberal Democratic Party earthquake resistance promotion

2013-08-27 04:32:00
As part of promoting the capital investment of the company, on the other hand preferential measures of tax on earthquake resistance of buildings dilapidated, Tax Commission of the Liberal Democratic Party, if the municipality has instructed the earthquake resistance despite the company does not comply is the policy also consider raising the property tax rate applied to the building.


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