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Political News(2013/09/13)

Kyoto   Hakone

¥ 2.3 billion issued in Iwate, Shimane heavy rain damage

2013-09-13 20:05:00
To the cities and towns of five of Shimane Prefecture and Iwate Prefecture, which was severely damaged in the heavy rains of last month, part of the ordinary allocation tax scheduled to be delivered in November, the Ministry of Internal Affairs to be issued in advance approximately 2.3 billion yen I decided to.


Match in Mongolia strengthen relations between Japan

2013-09-13 19:18:00
The meeting with Arutanhoyagu Prime Minister of Mongolia, which visited Japan, agree that you will strengthen cooperation in a wide range of fields such as economics and security, Prime Minister Abe joint incorporating a concrete action plan for the next five years I've released a statement.


To described in the contaminated water problem IAEA

2013-09-13 16:20:00
At a press conference after the cabinet meeting, next week, attended the meeting of the IAEA = International Atomic Energy Agency, Yamamoto northern Okinawa Minister in charge of science and technology policy, the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant the government standing in front has shown the idea and explained that hit to resolve the contaminated water problem, that want to get an understanding of the international community.


"Social security consumption tax increased revenue" Health, Labor and Welfare phase

2013-09-13 14:47:00
At a press conference after the cabinet meeting, the new economic measures the government put together to prospect the end of this month, and the reserve fund of the year becomes the financial resources, the increased revenue when it is raising the consumption tax rate, Tamura, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, the full amount , I showed a recognition that devoted to social security.


"Strengthen cooperation in cyber attack" Chief Cabinet Secretary

2013-09-13 14:00:00
In order to confront the cyber attacks that attended the ministerial meeting of the communication charge of ASEAN = Association of Southeast Asian Nations and Japan to discuss and respond to cyber attacks, it is frequently all over the world, but Chief Cabinet Secretary, thought that continue to strengthen cooperation I showed.


To transfer to the local office of the government 44

2013-09-13 11:26:00
For administrative authority to transfer a new local governments from countries, such as the examination and registration of operators of the service to transfer a fee in the private car and the elderly, Decentralization Reform Promotion Headquarters of government, transfer the affairs of 44 to fit It was decided to be.


Appoints Shimomura humanities phase to phase Olympics

2013-09-13 10:32:00
In order to receive that Tokyo held and Paralympic Olympic Games of 2020 was decided, to strengthen the structure of the Cabinet towards the success of the tournament, with 13 date, the new Prime Minister Abe is, "Tokyo, the Shimomura, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister I was appointed to the Olympic and Paralympic Minister ".


The adjustment of the active economic measures to consumption tax hike decision

2013-09-13 05:10:00
And assess the such as the contents of a new economic measures are summarized in prospect the end of this month, if it is determined that there is no buckling of the economy, Prime Minister Abe has decided to decided to raise law as the consumption tax rate. Just around the contents of the economic measures, Prime Minister Abe et al. Whereas have the need for a reduction in the effective tax rate of corporate tax, Aso Deputy Prime Minister-cum-Finance Minister and colleagues shows a cautious attitude, adjustment within the government It has become actively.


The deficit in the health insurance elderly medical burden

2013-09-13 04:10:00
From such that the contributions to finance the medical costs of the elderly has become a record high, employees from a large company to join, financial results for FY2012 last year Heisei of health insurance unions across the country, five union whole It was a deficit of continuous year.


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