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Political News(2013/09/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

Returned from the United States Prime Minister Abe

2013-09-28 20:21:00
When you have finished, such as his speech at the UN General Assembly, the dates of the series, the afternoon of the 28th Japan time, Prime Minister Abe who had visited the United States and Canada, came back in government aircraft.


Tanigaki Minister of Justice "reconstruction tax abolished the rise of wages"

2013-09-28 18:15:00
Told reporters, about the policy of the government to repeal by one year ahead of the "reconstruction special corporation tax", Tanigaki Minister of Justice stated that "How to be abolished and ahead of schedule I or go tied to salary" in Kyoto , has shown the idea that to be bound by raising the wage level that's important.


"It should be reviewed three Principles on Arms Exports" Onodera Defense Minister

2013-09-28 17:22:00
In order to have that Onodera defense minister was speaking at Miyazaki, is carried out jointly by the multilateral development of military technology of the cutting-edge is large, Japan to easily enter into such a framework, fundamentally "arms export three principles" I showed the idea that we should review the.


Japan and the United States 2 + 2 historic talks next month

2013-09-28 10:31:00
For ministerial consultation of Foreign Affairs and Defense of the United States and Japan next month, be held in Tokyo, two of the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State as it's the first time in consultation attend Japan, officials of the United States government the importance of Japan for the United States It was emphasized to become the meeting a historic show.


The return trip home, such as Prime Minister after the United Nations General Assembly

2013-09-28 06:31:00
Having completed such general debate of the UN General Assembly, the dates of the series, before dawn on the 28th (Japan time), starting the New York government aircraft, Prime Minister Abe who had visited the United States and Canada, arrived at return trip home.


Match in cooperation to Japan and Germany Foreign Minister chemical weapons disposal

2013-09-28 06:14:00
The early morning of the 28th (Japan time), Kishida Minister for Foreign Affairs, the recognition in New York, met with Westerville weblog Les Foreign Minister of Germany, that there needs to be towards the secure disposal of chemical weapons in Syria, addressing the international community work together matched.


Outcome emphasis of his speech at the UN General Assembly Prime Minister

2013-09-28 05:18:00
27 day and night (Japan time), and a press conference, shows the determination to "actively pacifism" in a speech of "United Nations General Assembly, to the peace and stability of the world, Prime Minister Abe who was visiting New York, more active role it, "said can place their determination to continue to play, and has highlighted the achievements.


Opinion draft consumption tax increase "from April"

2013-09-28 04:54:00
If you do not pull up the law exactly as the consumption tax rate, "the risk of confidence in the government bonds and government is lost, policy responses will be difficult to present" as, the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy of the government, it raised to 8% from April next year We decided to put together a draft opinion that desirable, to be submitted to Prime Minister Abe.


Outgoing Prime Minister "actively pacifism" determination

2013-09-28 00:17:00
In helping a press conference in New York, was that he can place a determination to continue to contribute to the world set a "positive peace" policy in the general debate, which was carried out in the United Nations General Assembly, Prime Minister Abe is friendly traditional with Iran It was emphasized the idea that by taking advantage of the relationship, work actively towards a peaceful resolution of the nuclear issue.


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