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Political News(2013/10/11)

Kyoto   Hakone

To the deputy governor appointed third person to the Olympics strengthen

2013-10-11 23:21:00
The 11th of the last day, and try to strengthen the system to proceed with preparation for the Paralympics held the Olympic Games in 2020, personnel proposal to appoint a deputy governor of the 3rd new is proposed, Congress side agreed the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly.


Tsutomu Sato resigned successor Kamoshita Diet Affairs Committee Chairman

2013-10-11 22:09:00
At the Board of Governors of the 11th, the Liberal Democratic Party has decided Kamoshita Diet affairs chief resigned, to appoint Tsutomu Sato Diet affairs chief deputy to succeed.


Study based on secret protection bill Komei demand

2013-10-11 16:30:00
idea Given that Prime Minister Abe met with Yamaguchi representative of the New Komeito, have asked Komeito incorporate such as "freedom of coverage" and "right to know" and "specific secret protection bill", to examine the contents of the bill again I showed.


I align pace in opposition TPP corresponding

2013-10-11 15:35:00
Secretary-General-Secretary-General from the opposition talks, information disclosure of government on the negotiation of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement as it's not enough, in the extraordinary Diet session to be convened next week, and positive attitude of the government and the ruling parties and kept pace I agree that to go.


Foreign Minister to sign the nuclear disabled statement

2013-10-11 14:33:00
In order to appeal a ban on nuclear weapons, Kishida Minister for Foreign Affairs, has revealed a policy of Japan also signed a joint statement of volunteer countries such as New Zealand is presented at the UN General Assembly next week.


It determines the basic policy of the victims

2013-10-11 13:36:00
Cabinet meeting of the 11th, on the basis of defining the victims of the nuclear accident in the "children and victims assisted living law", such as school attendance of children and the development of medical facilities, government support overall, the 33 municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture The decision was made basic policy that was to be such as specifying the target area to perform.


Democratic Party 3 consultation return prospective study

2013-10-11 12:47:00
Policy responsible for the three parties of the Liberal-Democratic-Komei is met, the Liberal Democratic Party-New Komeito Party, while asked to respond to working-level talks on the social security system, the Democratic Party, the party in the field of nursing and medical as it is necessary to reflect the opinion, we showed the idea to consider positively a return to talks.


Instructions cooperation to Prime Minister TPP year conclusion

2013-10-11 11:51:00
Open the Ministerial meeting of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, the Prime Minister Abe, the government was instructed to play a role for Japan is leading toward a negotiated conclusion of the year, to address the Ministerial work together.


Or opaque play party unity Minna

2013-10-11 06:30:00
Your Party was determined as the policy of the party the initiative, which aims to regime change on the premise Watanabe representatives argue, the survival of the party, but Eda before Chief Secretary colleagues break the attitude that emphasizes more cooperation with the opposition of other not, the view that unclear unity within the party or play also has come out.


The opinion in the middle of next month at the prospect LDP five items TPP important

2013-10-11 05:46:00
In around the TPP = Pacific partnership agreement, the Liberal Democratic Party, has decided to proceed with the consideration whether there is items that you can eliminate tariffs among the five items important, such as wheat and rice, came before the negotiations with the countries to full-scale You have to summarize the opinion of the party as to the prospect mid-month, and want to submit to the government.


To the National Assembly asking Prime Minister growth strategy execution

2013-10-11 04:23:00
Prime Minister Abe emphasizes performs policy speech at an extraordinary Diet session to be convened next week, positioned as the "Diet execution of the growth strategy is asked", fiscal consolidation and economic regeneration, the commitment to it to achieve at the same time the social security system reform I make it.


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